Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk v1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)


Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk – a simple but extremely attractive casual action game from the publisher Rocket Game Studio. This is a game with a familiar stickman theme with simple design and fun action sequences that give players moments of extreme relaxation.

Summary about Stick War Hero Tower Defense

NameStick War Hero Tower Defense
PublisherRoclet Game Studio
Size60 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Stick War Hero Tower Defense

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Hack
Stick War Hero Tower Defense Hack

Games related to Stickman warriors are always dynamic games with high action. Therefore, these games are always attractive to gamers. Stick War Hero Tower Defense Hack is the best action game for Stickman games and fighting video games on Google Play.

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk is designed with minimalist graphics, flexible gameplay and always brings entertainment to players. The ultimate battles are waiting for you ahead. Are you ready to become the last survivor in this tough and fierce battle?

The entertainment of the game is further enhanced when it is combined with a simple, easy-to-understand gameplay that does not require too much thought. In Stick War Hero Tower Defense, you will be asked to complete a series of missions, each with a clearly marked objective.

Your mission in the game is to develop the strength of the stickman warrior to defeat the enemies equipped with good weapons and kill their giant Boss like Wugy, Mommy and Bunny. Use a wise strategy to lead your warriors to victory and save the world from the forces of darkness.

The plot of Stick War Hero Tower Defense

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk
Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk

Your kingdom is one of the most prosperous and developed of the kingdoms in the world. That’s why the bad guys want to destroy. Until one day, the peace was broken when hordes of enemies and giant bosses Wugy, Mommy and Bunn arrived. They come with a plot to destroy the castle and invade your kingdom.

All the people of the kingdom were killed by the Wugys. Only you – the last surviving hero fortunately escaped their pursuit. Therefore, you are the only one who can defeat the enemies out there and save the kingdom. Try to develop strength to be able to win the enemy.

In Stick War Hero Tower Defense, you will be asked to perform a series of marked tasks. It has tiles like rooms and you will move to each room in search of enemies. Once an enemy is detected, you will slide the control towards the enemy to attack.

After killing an enemy, you will gain strength based on the stats of the enemy you killed. At this point, you will move to the next square to fight the next enemy. A level will only end if you kill all the enemies in the rooms and especially the boss on the top floor.

Gameplay of Stick War Hero Tower Defense

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk
Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod is a unique combination of fighting action game with puzzle, strategy. Besides, this is also a very fun game. Before each drag and drop, think and calculate carefully to map out the path, the best strategy for the next actions to overcome all obstacles.

In the game, you will face bosses from games like Poppy Playtime including Huggy, Mommy, Bunzo and Wuggy. They have great power so if you want to defeat them, you will need to develop your strength more. When you kill enemies, they will make a very special sound.

In general, when playing, you must have a clear calculation and strategy to win. The simple way to play is for your blue stickman to move through the boxes on the tower in turn, fighting with each red enemy stickman name until the highest floor is knocking down the tower’s boss. .

Each enemy also has a unique death animation. They will fall off cliffs, be decapitated, or simply explode into pieces. After killing the enemy, you will receive stats equal to the number on their head.

Upgrade Hero

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk
Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk

There are three ways for you to upgrade your stickman hero’s strength to become stronger. The first is to collect strength stats when defeating enemy stickmans. The second is to upgrade skills using in-game currency. The third is to level up the character in use.

On the head of each stickman on the enemy side or even you have a power indicator. It means that if a person has a higher stat, it will be possible to defeat someone with a lower stat. You have to find and kill the enemy stickman whose stats are smaller than you, take his power to increase your stats.

Then continue to defeat other stickman with smaller stats. Keep doing this until you reach the last floor, where a boss with a huge power stat appears. After defeating all the monsters, you will rescue the princess and bring peace back to your beautiful kingdom.

Initially when you start playing, you can only fight with bare hands and feet, after defeating quite a few enemies, you will be given knives, swords, and many other weapons. Once you have a weapon in hand, it will be simpler and faster to destroy the enemy. In addition, every time you pass a tower level, the character will be increased by one level, which means that the strength is also increased.

Features of the game

Unlock skins

If you don’t know what coins in the game are for, the answer is to unlock stickman warrior skins. There are many unique and funny skins that you can unlock for your character to help bring laughter in each level.

For example, unlocking the face of Poppy Playtime, the head of the dinosaur, the “drooling” king… Although these only have visual effects for the character, maybe this is what helps you. get more inspiration and ideas to overcome difficult levels for example.

Lucky Spin

This is an add-on feature that helps you get more coins and gems. If you’re lucky, you even have a chance to get some free skins. Every 30 minutes you get one more free spin. Or you can watch 30s ads to receive, but I do not recommend this because it will take up a lot of your time.

Many levels

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk has a lot of different tower levels waiting for you to pass. With an attractive stickman theme, each battle is super fast and super neat. This is also a factor that makes this game attractive

Minimalistic, fun graphics

Like most other stickman-themed games, Stick War Hero Tower Defense possesses simple but extremely funny and lively 2D graphics. The game is like a simple drawn picture with scribbled lines of a child.

Download Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk

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