Download Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk v1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)


Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk – an interesting iron and steel factory business management simulator released by Warrior Game. In the game, the player will become the owner of a steel workshop with a lot of machines and equipment. The game will challenge you to see if you can turn this steel workshop into a modern and largest steel factory in the world?

Summary about Steel Mill Manager

NameSteel Mill Manager
PublisherWarrior Game
Size76 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Steel Mill Manager

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk
Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk

Have you ever thought about becoming a rich business owner? Do you think you are qualified to manage the largest steel plant in the world? Play now Steel Mill Manager to test your true ability and see if this game is as easy as you think?

Do you think the business is difficult or not? Of course, it is a very difficult job that not everyone can do. However, that is no longer a problem when you play Steel Mill Manager. Because the way to make money in this game will be a lot simpler than in real life. And the production process will also take place in a continuous cycle.

In the game, you will become the owner of a steel factory with a lot of modern machines and equipment. The only way for your business to survive and thrive is to manufacture more and more advanced steel-related products. This will help the factory’s revenue always be stable and develop.

Gameplay in Steel Mill Manager

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk

In Steel Mill Manager, you will start with a small workshop and some equipment for the job. In the role of a manager, you will have to take on the responsibility of helping your factory grow into a large steel factory with a lot of expensive machinery.

Your job controls all production and business activities of the factory, workers and various departments. You can expand different departments and hire factory employees by building and expanding new factories. This will help speed up the production of its products.

In addition, you also have to set up many systems to enhance the steel production process, increase the output of finished products and thereby help increase your income. Steelmaking produces a lot of harmful gases that can affect the environment and production workers. Therefore, you need to install advanced degassing equipment to ensure the health of your employees.

Factory operations will be more efficient if all processes run smoothly and automatically. Therefore, you need to complete the entire processing line from raw materials, production to pollution treatment stages. Moreover, the enhancement of new technologies also helps the plant to grow faster.

Upgrade your steel mill

With the upgrade of new technologies and different parts will help the plant operate more efficiently and produce steel faster. As a result, you will earn more money every day. However, when starting a business, the income source will also be very limited, so the upgrade is only very small.

Gradually when the factory situation develops stably, you will think about upgrading more. You can upgrade dozens of levels to the level of the machines if you have enough money required. Using smart technologies and systems will make this factory big and profitable.

Hire professional staff

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk

Regardless of the industry, there will be a need for talented and reliable human resources. You alone, no matter how good you are, cannot be responsible for all the work of the factory. Therefore, in order for your factory to grow, it is necessary to have talented employees.

They will be the people who help you a lot to become a rich boss. You can hire different engineers to get the most out of this business. To make your engineers and employees happy, you can also create interesting facilities such as rest rooms, dining rooms, restrooms, …

In Steel Mill Manager Tycoon Game, by upgrading and evolving in different sections, you have a chance to create new parts. Like all other Tycoon style games, Steel Mill Manager Tycoon Game also has upgrade conditions. Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk is an idle simulation game so even offline your factory is working for extra profit.

Download Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk

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