Spiral Roll Mod Apk

Spiral Roll Mod Apk v1.11.1 (Unlimited Money)

Spiral Roll Mod Apk – entertaining simulation game with simple graphics and fun engaging gameplay. This is a game released and developed by VOODOO. In it, you will have to manage a chisel to cut the runway of the wooden walkway, turn it into a spiral and use them to destroy obstacles.

Summary about Spiral Roll

Name Spiral Roll
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Simulation
Version 1.11.1
Size 52 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll Mod Apk

Spiral Roll Mod Apk

From the raw log, but through human hands it becomes an essential and beautiful item such as wooden cabinets, tables, chairs … But have you ever thought those logs will turn into curls snails yet. Moreover, they know how to overcome obstacles?

So come to Spiral Roll and you will discover interesting things. Spiral Roll – interesting game that will help pass the time anywhere. This game will attract even the avid gamer as its a very unusual gameplay.


Spiral Roll Mod Apk

Spiral Roll Mod Apk

Here the users have to manage a chisel, which cuts out wooden walkway runway, turning into the spiral. This spiral can reach large sizes, which will allow it to demolish all obstacles in its path. In the process of passing the player will be able to overcome a lot of levels of varying duration and get pleasure from it.

Spiral Roll is a game developed by Voodoo. The number of players is enormous with more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play store. Spiral Roll has a very simple gameplay and gives players moments of comfort and relaxation.

Your task in this game is to use the chisel, to carve these wooden bars into a spiral. And help it go as far as possible. Of course the farther you go, the more obstacles you will encounter.

How to play

Spiral Roll Mod Apk

Spiral Roll Mod Apk

The player’s only task is to control the chisel to create spiral rings. It then helps you to collect bonuses and go to higher levels. Your task is very simple very simple, right? You just need to touch the screen and hold for the twist to be generated. However, it is also quite difficult in that you have to control the fingers flexibly. Know when to hold and release your hands from the screen to avoid obstacles.

For example: When you encounter large piles of bricks in front of you need to make a large wooden spiral to break those bricks. Or when you pass through small branches you have to create enough twists to get through. As for the small basketball frames, create a little twist to easily overcome them.

When the spiral hits the obstacles or falls into the water, you need to quickly make the next spiral to continue your journey. As you get closer to the final platform you should see blue, red, purple, and yellow numbers appear. These numbers will help you multiply your score.

In order to reach the finish line, you need to avoid various obstacles such as saw blades, iron lumps … If unfortunately not in time, the chisel will shatter into small pieces, it also means you have to play again. that game screen.

In Spiral Roll, you have to go through many different levels. The early levels are unlikely to cause you any problems. However, as you go up, the player will continuously encounter obstacles such as chainsaws, stone walls, concrete … Spiral Roll is an offline game you can play in your spare time or in a place where there is no Wifi. . What a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Graphics and sound

The graphics are quite simple, soothing eyes. Set in the context of blue water, wooden sticks floating on the water surface, in the distance you can see small rocks or forests, flowers growing on both sides of the road.

Like a charming picture of feng shui painted right in front of the player’s eyes. The sound is also gentle, not too tense. Therefore, the game was created to make the player feel light, comfortable when playing, dispel the fatigue and stress of a long day.


On the way to overcome obstacles, you also have to take advantage of the bonus for yourself. With a higher bonus amount, you will buy new equipment that is a new chisel with a sharper nose. Coming to Spiral Roll you will transform into a real carpenter. With the use of his flexible hands move across the phone screen to create twists. Help those spirals overcome obstacles, bring huge bonuses.

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