Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk v2.0.17 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk – super exciting action game for fans of superheroes. Participating in this game, players will transform into a superhero spider-man and fight against crime to protect the peace of the city.

Summary about Spider Hero Superhero Fighting

NameSpider Hero Superhero Fighting
PublisherSuperhero Academy
Size166 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Spider Hero Superhero Fighting

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk
Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk is an action game that takes place in a simulated world and everything here has absolutely no impact on the real world. Published and developed by Superhero Academy, Spider Hero Superhero Fighting has received countless love from the audience. That is shown through the statistics on Google Play.

The beautiful New York City is being vandalized and disrupted by criminals. All the people in the city are scared and screaming. Police and functional forces are completely powerless against the mafia. Transform into a superhero and fight against the criminal gangs in Spider Hero Superhero Fighting.

Right now, you have to help innocent people. With spiderman superhero image, use your skills to destroy the evil gangsters and return peace to the beautiful city.

Become a true superhero

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk
Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

When following the images of Spider-Man swinging on the skyscrapers. Surely in each of us there is a time when the desire to become a superhero is like on the screen. Those images are not only in the movie, but now you will experience it in reality.

With Spider Hero Superhero Fighting, you will be transformed into a spider man, with the same appearance, flying skills and fighting ability as in the blockbuster movies. You will in turn explore the nooks and crannies of the city, find the dark places and rescue the innocent people.

In the dark, you will have to be prepared for any form of combat. It could be a fierce boss or a large group of thugs. You can fight bare-handed or use weapons, melee or continuous acrobatics. Learn to adapt to any situation that may arise.

Protect the peace of the city

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk
Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

The game takes place in the city of criminal gangs. The cruel crime lords have attacked the city and your spiderman superhero should defeat the mafia! Civilians need your help, however police force or army cannot fight the gangster mafia bosses.

Criminal gangs take over the city and make the streets dark and dangerous. Everything is under their control, however you are here to stop the crime boss activities – whatever weapon you need like iron blade or steel ax, you are free to choose.

Just destroy all enemies on your way! Put on a fictional superhero mask and armor, wield a katana or ax or other deadly weapons and hit the streets with enemies in outlaw city brawls!

Classic fighting skills

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk
Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

When participating in Spider Hero Superhero Fighting, players will experience the main character with the same fighting skills as the TV version. Abilities such as acrobatics, acceleration, swinging from one place to another.

Along with a set of fighting skills such as shooting super sticky silk from afar, melee with powerful punches, close to the enemy, special moves. In addition, your superhero can also use weapons to fight in certain battles.

It can be an ax, a sharp blade, a deadly katana or high-damage guns. The dark corners are lawless land, so use all means to win. No matter what weapon or skill you use, always remember that your goal is to destroy the evil thugs.

The power of the super spider in your hand will depend on two factors: your personal skills and the stats you upgrade. The deeper you go into the city, the more uncomfortable the opponents will be, the usual skills you will not be able to use much. So use the money earned in missions and victories to maximize your skills.

How to play

This fighting game has been created for the fans of spiderman and other superheroes. Unpredictable action with your fast flying spider attack, defeat your opponents and gain experience to level up to the next superhero.

You are a super man and you move like a spider to avoid the attacks of your enemies. Jump like a swimming pool into this futuristic war action game with these exciting superheroes! Do justice in this city like a real superhero.

Collect cash to unlock new perks, amazing passive and active superpowers to become the absolute champion! Unleash your fury on the streets of vice city!

Use the amazing spider powers of superheroes in fantasy war on different locations of the city of dark streets. Use melee attacks or ranged combat with new abilities in the spiderman game.


With beautifully designed 3D graphics, the image of Spider-Man appears realistic. His skills also bring a sense of excitement to the players. The phases of moving between buildings in the middle of shimmering New York City.

Fierce battles with criminal gangs all give players the feeling of truly immersing in the character. Battle sounds and support effects also contribute significantly to the success of the game.

Like other superhero games, you will have a chance to become a real superhero and rescue New York City! Play this ultimate top-down shooter for mobile.

Download Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

Spider Hero Superhero Fighting Mod Apk

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