Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk v1.8.0 (Free Upgrades)


Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk – an attractive and interesting idle space simulation game from the developer CapPlay. In it you will have the opportunity to explore the outer space of the earth. Make your mission is to find new planets and migrate there.

Summary about Space Colonizers Idle Clicker

NameSpace Colonizers Idle Clicker
Size104 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Space Colonizers Idle Clicker

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk

On the Google Play store there are many attractive free simulation games for Android devices. Among them is the game Space Colonizers Idle Clicker from the publisher CapPlay. When joining the Space Colonizers Idle Clicker, you will be provided with the most advanced spaceships with the mission to search for new planets.

As the environment deteriorates and resources are depleted, the earth is no longer suitable for human existence. You will begin to explore space with the great mission of finding new planets and human migration! What will you encounter on this wonderful trip? Aliens, black holes, or other captains? Now launch your spaceship!

This information will be very helpful for those of you who are new to Space Colonizers Idle Clicker. It is this game that is known as one of the best planet simulation games ever. It belongs to the unique type of game that captures the macro vision and the brave heart. If you believe in scientific research on aliens, then this game is a very suitable choice for you.

Gameplay in Space Colonizers Idle Clicker

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk
Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Hack

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker is a simulation and strategy game in the theme of Sci-Fi adventure. It’s really easy to play and the difficulty can increase gradually even though it’s just an offline game. You just need to use your finger to lightly touch the screen and accelerate to move. The more planets are discovered, the more humans can immigrate.

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker is like a magic door that is always open to take you away from Earth. Here, you will be involved in a journey to explore spaces with life like Earth. The game will provide you with special space ships with the most modern technologies to go to space.

It is one of the indispensable friends when talking about this game. Life on Earth is dying out and human migrations are expanding, making your travel more and more interesting and unique. As you explore space, you will encounter black holes and some unknown new planets.

In addition, you need to upgrade the equipment of the spaceship to support long-distance flight in space. Don’t forget to use the Black Hole to quickly travel through the universe and reach the next planet in less time. During your travels you will meet all kinds of aliens and make friends with them! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Manage your space station

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a novice, there are basic hurdles that you can easily overcome. Because the gameplay is quite simple, just touch the screen, so the spaceship moves will be very quick and effective. You just need to drag your ship to the desired locations.

With the basic tutorials, you can easily complete the first steps to get familiar with the game. One thing to notice in this game is that you can go to as many planets as possible. The more planets you find, the more emigrants are transported to.

What’s more, you can build space guilds with other captains and get more rewards. Don’t forget your most important mission in this game is to save everyone on earth. Remember to take them to the new planets you find! Join the space adventure now!

Unlimited Upgrades

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker allows you to upgrade your spaceship unlimitedly. It will become both short- and long-term motivation for you to have longer-haul flights than ever before. In particular, you are also favored when you can use Black Hole, one of the weapons to help you travel through space and set foot on a new planet to save time.

As the population increases rapidly, the earth’s territory can be accommodated. In addition, the environment is increasingly being destroyed, causing many species of organisms to gradually die. This led scientists to conduct research on solutions to overcome this problem. You are a member of a space squad with a mission to find new planets.

You will be immersed in traveling through different planets without limits on the map to pave the way for an immigration career. However, you will not be alone because there are many other members in the expedition. People will come together to unite for a common goal of finding new life.

Download Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Mod Apk

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