Download Shot Factor Mod Apk v1.2 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


You love fun and exciting games! Have you ever played any game of the publisher VooDoo? If yes or no then you should also play Shot Factor Mod Apk now. Because this is an extremely fun and interesting game to help you relax after tiring working hours.

Summary about Shot Factor

NameShot Factor
Size108 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

About Shot Factor

Shot Factor Mod Apk

Shot Factor Mod Apk is an exciting shooting simulation game released by VooDoo. In this Shot Factor game, you will own a magic math gun. When you put math into the barrel, it will make the gun fire more powerful, faster! Thanks to that you can create the most powerful math gun in Shot Factor!

This is a game that should be on your phone’s apps list. Because this is a very unique game that combines math and gaming that you can play anytime, anywhere! The rather strange idea and unique gameplay of Shot Factor will surely help you to clear your mind quickly.

In Shot Factor, you can effectively combine gaming and math learning. Math operations like addition, multiplication in the game will help you feel relaxed. Use different mods to create your ultimate gun!

Every time you combine math operations, you should pay attention to the bullet rate at the bottom of the gun. That is the number of shots per second. When playing Shot Factor Mod Apk, you need to use your brain to think how to combine math operations to get the highest number. That can help you win the game.

A unique casual game

Shot Factor Mod Apk
Shot Factor Mod Apk

Today, in the Google Play store there are many games with many different genres, especially casual games. A game genre with quick gameplay, simple gameplay and highly entertaining. Therefore, this genre is loved by many players.

Although there are many casual games, the number of games that make a strong impression on players is not many. The reason is that those games are not fun enough, maybe too easy or too difficult to play, so they end up going nowhere. Or because the game is not good enough to impress players.

Usually, players will get bored with such casual games. I’ve also played a lot of casual games and almost met many of the same cases as you guys. But fortunately among them, sometimes I still find a few games that are light, easy to play, easy to understand but very attractive and unique, such as Shot Factor.

In the description for the game, the publisher has only one line: “Use different mods to create your ultimate gun!” An information that makes newcomers feel quite disappointed. But after playing, I am extremely interested in the unique gameplay of the game.

Gameplay in Shot Factor

Shot Factor Mod Apk

At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a gun with a rate of fire of 1/sec and a +1 item slot. And you will have to drag that item box to the gun to fight. After playing 3 levels, I started to wake up. The reason why this game attracts so many players.

Although it is a super easy game to play, quite leisurely, the image is so minimalist that there is nothing to say. But the strange idea behind Shot Factor will make you confused, then voluntarily excited to be swept away at any time.

In Shot Factor, you can create your own gun with the help that the game provides. The gun model appears on a table of many squares. The upper part of the table is the tools used to mod guns. These tools are very diverse and presented in different shapes depending on the function.

For example, a square marked with +1 means that when you attach it to a gun, you will have a gun that fires one more time per second. And the vertical rectangular block with x3 will help the gun to shoot a turn increased 3 times. The icon shaped like a cannon has great damage but takes up a lot of squares. So when using it you have to think carefully.

After designing the gun, let’s start the battle. The game will take place in a first-person perspective, so you will not be able to see who your character is. But you can see the details of the gun you just designed.

Now in front of you is a straight path with a certain number of enemies slowly approaching you. At this point, your task is no longer to make guns, but to fight. You will have to shoot enemies as quickly and accurately as possible and collect diamonds for yourself.

How to play Shot Factor

Shot Factor Mod Apk

In Shot Factor, you will have to both design the gun to make it the most powerful gun and fight the enemy to win the reward. The reward will be diamonds and some bonus points for you to climb higher on the total leaderboard.

Rewarded items can be items of the same type you used, or a completely new item depending on the level of accumulated points and the game scene. Play this game and don’t wonder why the game gives this one but not the other, whatever you like for it.

While fighting, you can pick up key pieces to unlock huge reward chests. It can be an item or a lot of diamonds. At a certain level, a boss with a large amount of health will appear. They require your gun to be very powerful.

You need to upgrade your gun by using diamonds to increase the rate of fire and expand the tank. After each upgrade, you will have to lose more diamonds for the next time. So you should download the MOD version of to be able to own a lot of free diamonds to upgrade comfortably.

Download Shot Factor Mod Apk

Shot Factor Mod Apk

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