Shortcut Run Mod Apk

Shortcut Run Mod Apk 1.18 (Unlock All Skins)

Shortcut Run Mod Apk – entertaining game with a unique and fun arcade race from publisher VOODOO. In Shortcut Run, the player controls a small man and he must find a way to finish faster than the opponent. Race against opponents and stack all the decks you can pick up along the way! If you’re smart enough, get out of the way and build bridges and take shortcuts to get there before everyone else!

Summary about Shortcut Run

Name Shortcut Run
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Racing
Graphics 2D
Size 67 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlock All Skins

Information Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

If you are looking for a game to have fun after a period of stressful work, you can try Shortcut Run. This is an interesting entertaining game released by VOODOO. If you’ve ever played any of this publisher’s games, you’ll know how fun they are.

Shortcut Run mod apk – a fun arcade racing with long races with fast opponents. The player will control the little man, who will need to get to the finish quicker than your rivals. The way to the finish line runs through the water the location of the tracks and those on boards which you can take with you.

With the help of these boards, the user will have the opportunity to reduce the distance, paving and bridges cutting corners. Winning the race will be won by the one who is best to dispose of this advantage.

Shortcut Run Gameplay

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

In the game Shortcut Run hack, you will be playing the role of a guy running athlete participating in an interesting and fun race. The game will have many levels from easy to difficult. The goal in each level is to overtake other opponents to become the first finisher.

Shortcut Run Apk is a running sport game but it is not like regular athletic games. Because in this game law and fairness will not appear. Players will find ways to win, including cheating. On the track you can collect boards. They can create a path on the water, so you will move to the destination faster than other opponents.

Wooden planks are the most important thing to help you win. It helps the character move faster for a period of time and gets bonus rewards, depending on how many boards you have left when you reach the destination. The bonus rewards will be placed out of order. Create shortcuts to move further and get more bonuses.

Cheating is not bad

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

Shortcut Run Mod Apk

Cheating is also one of the important factors to help you win this game. But, how can you cheat? It is very simple, you just need to approach the opponent to attack him. In this situation, there will be two cases. First, you approach your opponent from behind.

You will steal the entire board he is holding. This is really a great advantage and also a trend that anyone playing Shortcut Run should aim for. Second, approaching from the two sides like an accident. In this case, the opponent will be kicked off the track and bring no benefit.

However, carrying more boards will make the character move more slowly. You should have a balance between collecting and using them. In some cases, when you find your opponent is following behind, don’t hesitate to use your number of games to run faster.

Guide play

Beat all opponents

In fact the planks are reusable. And smart athletes will apply this to save their boards and get to the finish more quickly.

Your opponents also try to collect boards along the way. They will also use the plank to create a shortcut on the water. Especially when you play at high levels, the AI ​​becomes smarter and much more difficult to beat.

Diverse map system

Shortcut Run has a diverse mapping system. Normally, when you pass 5 levels of the game, you will be taken to a new map. The color and structure of the track will also be changed according to the map. Therefore, you will have to find ways to move faster than the other competitors, based on some of the tricks introduced above.

Unique skins

By default, the system will give you a character. However, he has a rather simple appearance. You can replace his t-shirt with a vsdy, suit, or hip hop look.

Shortcut Run comes in three types of skins, common, rare and legendary. The prices for each are 2500 coins, 5000 coins and 10000 coins, respectively. During this process, skins are unlocked at random. Therefore, you will not be able to guess what you are about to receive. Try to earn lots of coins to unlock all 18 skins.

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