Download Scribble Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Advertisment)


Scribble Rider Mod Apk is a fun and funny drawing-style puzzle game for all ages. Scribble Rider is considered to be the most effective and best time killing game you can play anywhere. If you are a fan of Voodoo games, you will definitely not be able to ignore this game. Scribble Rider will help you relieve stress to reduce fatigue after a day of work.

Summary about Scribble Rider

Name Scribble Rider
Publisher Voodoo
Genre Action
Size 87 MB
Get it on Android 4.4 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Information Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Scribble Rider! is a fun racing time killer for players of all ages. In it, users will take part in the competition for the passage of unusual tracks in almost their own vehicles. Before each race, here you need to draw wheels for your transport, focusing on the features of the track. The path in Scribble Rider contains many differences. Not flat, there are always many different types of roads. Stairs, shields, water, the car will go through these types of roads in a game screen. Please design the wheel style suitable for each terrain type to help you finish as soon as possible.

How to play Scribble Rider is simple

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

The gameplay of Scribble Rider is really simple. This is a puzzle game based on many different levels from easy to difficult. In other words, you must use your mind to think about how to overcome the challenges. In each game screen, you will have to draw a wheel shape suitable for each terrain to help the car pass the challenge easily. If you draw the right wheel, your car will move faster, if you draw the wrong one it will slow down and you will lose. Is that definitely something you don’t want to see? So use your mindset to draw the wheel quickly and win every challenge.

The more levels you pass through, the more speed-boosting items you will get and many other uses. They will be of great help to your character. At certain levels there will be a dedicated drone area. There, you must design the wheel to make your car fly very high. Is this a simple game? Download Scribble Rider now and experience it.

The race interesting

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Each wheel shape you draw always works, but it’s not certain to match the current roadway. For example on water, screens, stairs, you need to draw specific types of wheels. If you don’t have an idea, look at your competitors and learn from them. I was quite confused when I modeled the wheel for the car to fly, that level I was behind the opponent. The winner gets more money in the chest and is in a good mood raising his hand.

Shops and consumables

Costumes, bikes, and wheels are the spending items you find here. Stylish, skeleton costumes are a type that makes me quite funny. You can also easily become a Robot if you want in this game. In addition, a number of bikes with the same color design you can choose from. Scribble Rider MOD unlimited money helps you unlock all items in the store.

Tips play Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Scribble Rider Mod Apk

  • Draw spiral lines: If you can draw perfect circles then there’s no need to apply this tip. If not, draw a spiral so that the end of the drawing looks like a hook pulling you up the mountain.
  • Straight line: When you want to get out of the water quickly, don’t think about cars. Drawing a circular pattern does not help push the boat across the ocean, but the paddle does. Just draw a line as the paddle pushes the water.
  • Consider the size: Drawing small wheels is a great choice when driving on flat land. Drawing a giant wheel that doesn’t match a vehicle will only make it harder to cross the terrain. So, please customize the size of the wheel to suit the terrain and transportation vehicle!


Scribble Rider helps you get used to the road and many strange terrains. It is the result of creativity, not entirely based on reality. The fun color graphics and sound make the game a success soon. Download Scribble Rider MOD now and try to finish early and get a lot of bonuses from chests below the coronation position.

Download Scribble Rider Mod Apk

Mod Info:

  • Lots of money
  • No ads
Scribble Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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