Save The Doge Mod Apk

Save The Doge Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Save The Doge Mod Apk – an entertaining and interesting puzzle game from the developer MIRACLE GAME. This is a game with simple gameplay with a single purpose that is to rescue the dog Doge from the vicious bees. In it, you will have to build a wall around him to prevent the bees from reaching him.

Summary about Save the Doge

NameSave the Doge
Size156 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Save the Doge

Save The Doge Mod Apk

If you are bored with daily online games and are looking for something new and attractive, you should not ignore this game. This is a light entertainment game that will help you have moments of relaxation and comfort. How to play Save the Doge Mod Apk will be very easy to understand but will be difficult to master.

Your task is to paint the walls to protect him from the attack of angry bees. To draw a line, you must touch and hold the screen. The longer you hold, the thicker the line will be. However, you can only touch the screen once, if you remove your hand, the line will stop at the point where you removed your hand.

The essence of the game is simple but what makes it ideal is that the levels are quick, casual. This is suitable for those who love simplicity and relaxation. The playful art style also helps set the tone for a lighthearted game.

One thing that players need to keep in mind when playing Save the Doge is that it will not be as simple as you think. The bees will appear in increasing numbers and with different patterns. You need to be quick and precise with your line drawing.

Gameplay in Save the Doge

Save The Doge Mod Apk
Save The Doge Mod Apk

When playing Save the Doge Mod Apk you will have to draw a wall around the dog with a very obnoxious face. But protect it because that’s the only mission of this game. As you progress, the challenge in the game will gradually increase in difficulty but it never feels unfair. With your intelligence and ingenuity, you will pass the most difficult levels.

Save the Doge Apk Mod is a simple game that anyone can play. This game is available on the Google Play store and you can download it to your phone and play it now. To build a wall, players just need to touch and hold the screen for 10 seconds. In terms of gameplay, it sounds simple, but this game is difficult in that you have to draw your hand immediately, not release it.

So you have to be strategic about where you build the wall because the bees will appear in different patterns. The goal is to keep the bees away from the Doge for as long as possible. In case the bees overwhelm you, Doge will be stung, resulting in his death! This will force you to start the level from scratch.

This game simply challenges the player to draw a line to save the dog from being attacked by a bee. Players can draw lines but the fewer lines they draw, the higher the score. Three stars are absolute points so you have to use your brain when drawing the line. For example, you can just circle the dog without leaving any space in the middle to maximize the line.

Rescue the dog Doge from the bees

Save The Doge Mod Apk

All you can do in this game is draw straight lines with your finger. The longer you hold, the thicker the line will be, so move your finger a lot to draw more lines. However you should use as little ink as possible. This is especially important in the levels after the bees arrive in large numbers.

When building your walls, try to create sharp corners. This will make it difficult for the bees to reach the Doge. To win in Save the Doge, you need to have a strategy for each different level. You have to think strategically to build your walls in different shapes to be able to push the bees away from the Doge.

When you see the swarm of bees flying, keep holding the screen to make the wall stronger! This will create a large wall that the bees will have a hard time breaking through. Like with most games these days, the key to winning is to practice hard. The more you play, the better you will be at predicting bee patterns and drawing more accurate shapes.

Features in Save the Doge

  • Simple controls: Save the Doge Mod Apk is designed with very simple gameplay where all you need to do is just touch and hold the screen and move your finger. However, it requires players to think a lot to draw to save ink but still enough to protect Doge.
  • Many dangers from bees: Doge’s life is constantly threatened by bees. They come in large numbers and get faster and more aggressive as you progress through the game. It’s up to you to build the wall and save the Doge from being burned!
  • Difficulty increases with level: Starting the game will be quite simple, but the higher the level, the more difficult it will increase, requiring you to think more tactically. When you reach the following levels, you will be put to the test. The bees will come in large numbers and with different patterns.
  • Test your thinking and agility: To protect the Doge from the bees, you must be quick and precise with your line drawings. The game tests your agility and creativity as you try to find new ways to scare away the bees.

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Save The Doge Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Save The Doge Mod Apk