Rules of Survival APK

Download Rules of Survival APK – Best version of PUBG Mobile

Basic information about Rules of Survival

It’s been over a year since PUBG Mobile was released, this game has never been hot. And since Tencent Games launched it, there are hundreds of other titles that follow PUBG’s charisma. One of them is the Rules of Survival APK that I will introduce today.

There are actually many PUBG Mobile games and they appear on the web. Origin also varies from China, Korea to the West. Rules of Survival APK is provided by NETEASE – a publisher based in Guangzhou, China.

Rules of Survival can be considered the International version of Teminator 2. The company has previously released the game for testing purposes, only in Chinese. Particularly, the Rules of Survival APK has the official language of English. That makes the previous barriers to gamers almost eliminated.

Rules of Survival APK

The most intense survival game

Join the world of Rules of Survival APK, you will experience the most intense survival battle Virtual world. Like PUBG Mobile, you and 99 other players are dropped from a plane to a deserted island. Those who destroy all the rest will win. It sounds simple, but unlike Bear Grylls’ survival war.

You will start the fight with nothing in hand. Weapons, equipment, ammunition … will be arranged in random locations on the map. You have to find it, or you can rob from other players. There are countless weapons for you to choose from rudimentary to modern, like knives, sticks, guns …

Completely like PUBG Mobile, you can also use vehicles to go around the island. However, be careful because the surroundings are always dangerous. Other players may be waiting for your opening to steal things, kill people.

Team mode

New in Rules of Survival you can team up to fight. Instead of being able to monopolize the same as in PUBG, you can alliance with up to 3 other players to make use of each other’s power. In this mode, the party who survives will eventually win.

Rules of Survival APK

Manipulation and graphics

For manipulation, Rules of Survival has virtual buttons that are very convenient for control. Just like most other survival games, this makes new gamers not take too much time.

Graphically, NETEASE is the most appreciated for this game in this category. Rules of Survival is basically the same as PUBG in every way. The map is 6.4 km x 6.4 km and has rich terrain that makes gamers not bored with the eyes. The 3D graphics block of this mobile game is also very smooth. Each small detail is carefully elaborated, helping gamers experience better.


Through my experience, I found that even Rules of Survival APK is more interesting than PUBG. In my opinion, this is one of PUBG Mobile’s best “knockoffs”. Be the next among more than 100 million players to try this game.

Rules of Survival APK

Below, I would like to introduce the Rules of Survival for Android with a capacity of only 56MB. The version for iOS platform I will update later. Wish you have fun playing games.

Download Rules of Survival Apk

Rules of Survival Apk
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Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Download Rules of Survival APK – Best version of PUBG Mobile

Rules of Survival APK