Roof Rails Mod Apk

Roof Rails Mod Apk [app_version] (Unlocked All Skins, No Ads)

Roof Rails Mod Apk– is a casual game with beautiful graphics and simple but fun gameplay that helps players kill time effectively. This is a game developed by the game publisher VOODOO, in which players will be able to control the character through an unusual race.

The whole character is unlocked in this MOD version, you just need to download and play. Feel free to use the characters you love in Roof Rails.

Summary about Roof Rails

Name Roof Rails
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Casual
Size 50 MB
Request Android 7.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlocked All Skins, No Ads

Information Roof Rails

VOODOO is a famous game publisher who has made a name for himself with games with simple gameplay. Such as Crowd City, Idle Lumberjack 3D, Scribble Rider, … And today ModApkGame will introduce you to the game Roof Rails.

This is a famous game and is loved by many players around the world. Because not only brings fun and entertainment, Roof Rails also helps players practice eyes and mind. Roof Rails – arcade time-killer, in which players expect the unusual races. This article, we will learn about Roof Rails.


Roof Rails Mod Apk

Roof Rails Mod Apk

Roof Rails gives you a journey on the rails. This race will not be like regular racing or marathons. Instead, you will use wooden slats to slide the rails and finish. And the player will need to move from building roof to building.

All you need to do is control the character, help him move left or right to collect wooden pieces. These pieces of wood will be inserted into the wooden stick that the character is holding and make it elongate.

The longer the wooden stick, the more advantage you get. It will make it easier to finish the finish line and also make it easier for you to earn diamonds on the road. Roof Rails has many levels. In each level, you will have to run through the track with a specified length, then finish and receive bonuses.

When you have a long log, you will be able to slide to the end of the rails, getting a maximum bonus of x20. This is what all players aim for when participating in this exciting race. Because it helps players earn more rewards.

Not simply a wooden reward game

However, the race will not be so simple. Because on the track, you will have to face with dangerous obstacles that make your wooden bar shorter. The most prominent are the hacksaw. They are arranged along the track and they will cut anything that comes across.

Besides the hacksaw, the lava holes also shorten the wood in a similar way. You need to find a way to overcome them with the shortest distance, in order to minimize the loss. Otherwise, you may not be able to continue moving to the finish line, while the tracks are constantly expanding wider, as your log tends to be shortened by obstacles.

How to play

Roof Rails Mod Apk

Roof Rails Mod Apk

Roof Rails is a simple game that is easy to access. But to go further in this game, you need to have good balance skills. The simplest thing is that while moving on the rails, you accidentally cause one end of the wooden stick to slide out of the rails, the character will immediately fall, causing the game to end.

Meanwhile, obstacles appear more, there are very small paths, and if the character slips, you will have to play all over again. Roof Rails has a bonus reward mechanism after finishing.

Reward levels range from x2 to x20. Every time you transfer a level, you will have to slide on a new track. Of course, they tend to be wider, the character moves faster. If you do not quickly control the character, helping him move in the middle of the rails, he will fall to a lower bonus.


Roof Rails – a fun time-killing game in which players expect unusual races. Controlling a guy, the user will need to move from the roof of one building to another. They involve poles that will slide on two wires.

Each time, the distance between the wires increases, so that the rod should be the right length. Also, difficulties will bring red obstacles, so it is necessary to avoid them without colliding with them.

Download Roof Rails Mod Apk

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