Rogue Land Mod Apk

Download Rogue Land Mod Apk v0.10 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Rogue Land Mod Apk – attractive action role-playing game from publisher Huuuge Games – Play Together. Here, you have the opportunity to explore lands with unique heroes and skills! Become a superhero and fight hordes of monsters in Rogue Land to protect the peace of this world.

Summary about Rogue Land

NameRogue Land
PublisherHuuuge Games – Play Together
GenreRole Playing
Size122 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Rogue Land

Rogue Land Mod Apk
Rogue Land Mod Apk

Rogue Land Mod Apk is an action adventure game with beautiful 3D graphics along with unique gameplay and extensive map system. The game takes place in a fantasy world where many ancient monsters are destroying the world.

Under such circumstances, suddenly appeared a group of heroes standing up to harness the power of the elements as they battled to find the source of evil! You are a clan member so join them now and make your legend!

As the lone Hero, you will face great dangers and traps, earn amazing rewards, and discover great power! Use your skills, combinations of various items and artifacts, choose from different abilities to create the ultimate Hero to conquer them all!


On a day, known as the fateful day, the legendary devil found the door to the human world. They rise up and appear in droves like an army to advance to the earth with the aim of destroying humans and taking over this beautiful world.

You are a hero of the world. Join your friends to fight against these terrible monsters before they intend to cause disaster on the world.

Just fight and have to find a way to harness the power of the natural elements to find the source of evil. Thereby eliminating and completely sealing off their path.

Rogue Land Mod Apk is an extremely flexible and attractive role-playing game. The game is very suitable for entertainment after stressful study and work hours. This game will really give you extremely intense impressions.


Rogue Land Mod Apk
Rogue Land Mod Apk

The gameplay of Rogue Land is designed quite simply. You need to choose the rounds in order on the large map corresponding to each different screen. In each level, you have to move your hero everywhere in the map in search of monsters.

You will face quite formidable opponents such as ancient dragons, knights, stone monsters, mouse bosses or satyrs, etc. When approaching the opponent, your character will automatically advance to attack. You just need to move around, use reasoning skills, win and collect a lot of loot for yourself.

Search every nook and cranny for untold treasures. Choose your path through lands and dungeons and face new adventures wherever you go: hordes of enemies and huge piles of treasure await!

Maps going through flaming, icy or jungle lands will resemble similar monsters. For example, going through the burning land will meet the fire dragon boss, going through the jungle will meet the forest god boss, etc. These creatures are designed with realistic mythological skills.

Many Heroes

Rogue Land Mod Apk
Rogue Land Mod Apk

The heroes in Rogue Land are diversely designed by the developer with many different shapes and skills. Recruiting a lot of heroes will help you a lot in intense battles. They could be archers, swordsmen, knights, magicians, or the like.

Each hero has their own special ability, so choose them for the right battles. The main character has an experience bar in each level. When you reach a certain amount of experience, you will have the opportunity to improve any of your skills.

In addition, you can also use special skills like Health Boost, Headshot, First Aid to finish the match faster. These skills are very attractive but need to be unlocked and upgraded with gold coins. Use them effectively to pass the level quickly.

Many levels

Rogue Land Mod Apk
Rogue Land Mod Apk

There are many levels available in this game. You will go through a series of levels in different lands that you will be able to enjoy. Since this is a 3D game, you will only need to control your character to go to a certain area.

Be brave, be bold! Don’t wait, don’t waste any more time. Grab your Bow, Sword and Magic. Embrace your skills and go meet your destiny! See you in Rogue Land! To make sure you don’t lose your progress, be sure to back up your game progress using your device’s backup system!

Game Modes

Rogue Land has 2 different game modes: adventure and side quest. With adventure mode, your mission is to take the knights through as many levels as possible. You have to pass the small gates, collect a lot of gold, gems, items and then upgrade your character to become stronger. Then go into battle and defeat the evil bosses.

However, in the process of playing sometimes you will have to face many difficulties. There are complicated levels that will make you fail many times. This is when you have to pause your adventure to move on to side quests.

Completing side quests helps you earn countless gold, gems, upgrade items. This mode helps you earn an extra source of income, so make good use of it. Then remember to upgrade your weapons to the max and unlock special skills. This is the easiest way for you to continue your journey.

Download Rogue Land Mod Apk

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