Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

Download Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk v1.1 (Mod Menu)

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk – a completely new special sports game combining racing and soccer for Android. From the makers of Rocket League: Psyonix Studios, car soccer has been reimagined for mobile devices! Let’s immerse yourself in the exciting matches of Rocket League Sideswip.

Summary about Rocket League Sideswipe

NameRocket League Sideswipe
PublisherPsyonix Studios
Size871 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk
Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk belongs to the online racing game genre that combines action, meaning that instead of controlling the players on the football field, now the player will control a racing car. Use your mind and ingenuity to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. You can play offline with the system or play online with friends from around the world.

Get into the game with intuitive touch controls. It is very simple because you just need to put the ball into the opponent’s net. But beware, your opponent will also try to stop you and score. Press your boost button to go faster, or use it to plunge into the ground and into the air to perform some quick aerial maneuvers that will wow your opponents.

Gameplay in Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk
Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

Matches last only two minutes, making Rocket League Sideswipe easy to pick up and play no matter where you are. Good luck! The game is fast-paced, easy to get used to. Face players in 1v1 or 2v2 mode! Rocket League Sideswipe MOD is easy to pick up and play from anywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rocket League veteran or just learning your way on the pitch. The most important thing in Rocket League Sideswipe is speed. That is the key to helping you win every match.

In addition to 1v1 and 2v2 modes in football (soccer with cars), check out Hoops mode. Communicate with your teammates and opponents with Quick Chat Stickers! Plus, hone your skills in freestyle matches, offline matches, and tutorials!

Although the publisher humbly believes that Rocket League Sideswipe Hack is just a simulation of the genuine Rocket League on the mobile platform. But with a series of huge investments revealed, it is clear that the quality (and capacity) of Rocket League Sideswipe really cannot be underestimated.

Instructions for playing Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk
Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

In Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk, players can start fighting immediately. Or practice a little through the tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with the movements and rules of the game before jumping in.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran player, you will be free to choose the best cars for you. Choosing cars, customizing cars to each part is one of the special things of these “racing” games.

The game has a wide variety of vehicles and an exciting level of customization that will give you a stimulating start before the real match. Enjoy these rare moments of comfort and peace. You will be racing against light time soon.

Enjoy private matches with friends or play competitive matches online against players around the world! Climb your way in the Competitive Leaderboards and even break through the worldwide leaderboards.

Unlock items and customize your vehicle

Unlock items in Rocket Pass just by playing Online Battle. Look out for new Rocket Pass items each Season. Rocket League Sideswipe also features Seasons. Climb as high as you can in each season’s Competitive modes and win Player Titles based on your Rank after the Season ends.

Unlock new customization items for your car just by playing! Rocket League Sideswipe APK has thousands of custom combinations with items like cars, wheels, decals, and more. Make a statement as soon as you throw the shot.

Because the game happens at a fast pace, every action that takes place is unannounced, there are no hints for you at all, so just believe in yourself and improvise, don’t plan a strategy. any strategy.


Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk
Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

When driving a racing car, you should take advantage of both pressing the accelerator and adjusting the direction, so that you do not turn too hard but also do not slow down.

Your target is the ball, which is much smaller in size than the “player”. Hitting the ball is the first success. And after that, gradually get used to it.

One thing to keep an eye on is that on the field there will be acceleration points, the car coming here is unconditionally throttled to catch the ball faster than usual. Through these points, the snail returns a bit, but gains momentum and advances.

The higher the car speed, the stronger the suction, which means that the opponent will have a harder time getting the ball from you and your chances of scoring into the opponent’s net will be easier.

However, on the other hand, the field of vision will be reduced because the eye cannot keep up with such a speed. Each time you accelerate, try to hold the steering wheel firmly so that you can balance your car.

You can also control your car to ram the opponent’s car to stop the enemy’s feet and win the ball back for you. It’s simple to say, but doing it is another matter. It is not easy to hit enemy vehicles because they are equally modern, even faster.

Features in game

Maps and games

Rocket League Sideswipe’s creativity is almost endless and always gives players interesting content to enjoy with friends. The game’s maps and game modes always arrive during special events or weekly and simultaneously take the player’s skills to the next level when participating in matches.

During major in-game events, more content will be introduced, including exclusive vehicle skins and new maps introduced in each game mode.

Eye-catching car design

The difference of the cars is the appearance and visual effects. It will make the game more vivid and brilliant. Furthermore, the game will introduce players to a flexible vehicle customization system to modify existing vehicles or create an entirely new vehicle.

The vehicle’s design mechanics are unique and full of depth, and players can choose the right sound for each effect to enjoy. Players are free to design the cars they love the most in this game and use them in the toughest games of their career.

Realistic physics experience

Rocket League is known for its realistic and realistic physics, making the environment and player activities more flexible than ever. Moreover, the physics factor affects hitbox, impact angle, altitude, etc., keeping the player’s car and ball honest in all collisions.

The physics system will affect the player’s control mechanism and give them many special abilities or endless creativity to score points with the most unique and outstanding moves. Not only that, the feeling of control will become smoother and more solid thanks to the device’s vibration mode.

Download Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk

Rocket League Sideswipe Apk
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Download Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk v1.1 (Mod Menu)

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk