Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

Download Racing Smash 3D Mod APK 1.0.47 (Unlimited Money)

Racing Smash 3D Apk (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a racing simulation game for mobile devices from the publisher GamesUnion. Developer GamesUnion Technology has tried to create new, authentic gameplay of a racing game compared to traditional racing games.

Summary about Racing Smash 3D

Name Racing Smash 3D
Publisher GamesUnion Technology
Genre Racing
Graphics 3D
Size 105 MB
Request Android 4.4 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information Racing Smash 3D

Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

Racing Smash 3D APK – is one of the best motor simulations on mobile platforms, and the developers have tried to give the gameplay the most realism. It concerns both the races themselves, the physical model and the excellent three-dimensional graphics, and the really existing motorcycles, besides that you can improve your own model.

There are a lot of different tests, races on detailed tracks and the dynamics of motorcycle racing. Still playing traditional motorcycle racing games? You are bored with pure racing games. Try out this unique racing game now. Attack and fly over any opponent that tries to get past you in the game.


Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk is a completely new racing game that helps players satisfy their love for unique motorcycles. Ordinary cars will never appear in this game. Instead, there are special models specially designed by the developer.

In Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk, you will be completely surprised with the special cars that are only available in this game. Many times you will wonder if a car without wheels can move? Or a car with only one wheel and flying cars. With Racing Smash, you can drive the impressive design motorcycles to attack those who stand in your way.

Racing Smash 3D has very simple controls, players only need to use one finger to swipe left or right of the screen to control the character. Destroy opponents using weapons such as baseball bats, pans, branches. To speed up, you just need to surf the yellow arrows on the track. It has the same acceleration mechanism with Asphalt games. To be the first to finish the player needs to destroy all of their opponents.

Action racing game

Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

Racing Smash 3D Hack is a game that combines racing and action to bring out the most spectacular races. To win in addition to racing, you must also fight with other racers. Kill as many people as possible because in this game you can do whatever you like.

Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk is a diversified game with lots of levels with increasing difficulty. To accumulate points and unlock the next game screen, you will pass each game screen in turn. Races take place on the streets and it is the responsibility of each racer to finish first. However, Racing Smash allows each race participant to kill each other. It sounds nothing like the regular racing right. In essence, it is more of a fight for survival than a chase between professional racers.

There are many different forms of fighting for players to use such as kicking, hitting a car, hitting with a stick, using a gun, using a sword, using a knife or a Thor’s hammer … These forms are used to destroy other racers. . And every time a player kills, the player adds some points. Until you are alone on the track, no one will stop you from winning.

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The racing controls in Racing Smash 3D are not as difficult as many people imagine. With just a little familiarity, the player can fully master the manipulation. Just swipe your hand left or right on the screen interface to control the car, and click at the right time on opponents to destroy them.

As can be seen, there are not too many operations to be handled during the game, so players can manipulate with two hands on the phone and get acquainted in a short time. There are some things to note that players should not be subjective in every race.

First, quickly move left or right to avoid obstacles as they can cause an accident. Second, only when getting very close to the opponent, the player should kick or use a weapon to destroy the opponent. Moreover, be careful of all situations around because they can also be destroyed at any time by other racers. Everyone possesses equal powers and this is an uncompromising fight.

Vehicle and weapon collection

Racing Smash 3D has a cool racing system with many different types. You can use gold coins to unlock and permanently own them. In addition, players experience a variety of unique weapons such as guns, hammers, swords … and countless other items that you cannot imagine.

Besides, the map system in the game is also quite diverse, allowing gamers to freely race in many different spaces and times. It is possible to drive through continents, towns, wilderness areas, beaches, cities … and many other places to explore.

Download Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk

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