Puzzle and Dragons Radar MOD APK v4.3.5 (Unlimited Money)


Candy Crush Saga is probably the most famous of the Match-3 games. However, a few years ago, Puzzle and Dragons radar was once a phenomenon on all platforms. Sales of this game have made owners earn more than $ 3 million per day. So let’s find out about this Japanese game.

Informations about Puzzle and Dragons Radar

Puzzle and Dragons belongs to match-3 jigsaw puzzle combined with role-playing elements. Simply put, this is considered a blend of traditional diamond game. But the system of characters of the Puzzle and Dragon Radar  is very rich with more than 200 numbers.

With Match-3, the player must rank 3 (or more) symbols of the same type. Doing that, they will disappear. At the same time it also helps “moves” for monsters that are confronting. This is a game with a classic style.

The ad above introduces a new application Puzzle & Dragons Radar integrated with the game, allowing players to interact with the real context around them to increase bonus points, and receive support similar to Pokemon Go.

This game is from Japan and its English version is not really thorough. But you don’t need to be too concerned about it. Getting used to the game items will be simple. Moreover, the game shapes and gameplay are easy to guess.

PAD radar APK

puzzle and dragons radar mod apk

Intellectual game

Puzzle and Dragons Radar  is a game that is both entertaining and intellectual. You can easily join the armies to punish and scramble for territory. Swordsmanship or the introduction of hot comics is typical of the game.

Coming to Puzzle And Dragons Radar, players will have to use their intellect with putting jewels to get the most combos. PAD Radar has 5 types of pearls: water, fire, earth, optical, corresponding to the type of attribute. Pearl players will experience many eye-catching skills.

Not only do you have to catch up with the arrangement of diamonds according to attributes, you will surely dazzle with a collection of about 1200 different kinds of monsters. Puzzle & Dragons has brought a new turning point for the world mobile game market.

PAD radar APK

puzzle and dragons radar mod apk

New way of playing

Puzzle and Dragon Radar  is the perfect combination of many different game genres. Gamers can find in this game the role-playing game, tactics, even puzzles like traditional Puzzle. This is very special and very effective.

The role of role-playing is the core of many parts and plowing, how to collect enough monsters. Although it was born in an Asian country that promoted tradition, Puzzle And Dragons was westernized with strategic moves when making puzzles.

Besides, Puzzle and Dragon Radar is also a pure puzzle game. The mix brings an unforgettable taste to this “mixed dish”. The heat of Puzzle & Dragons once burned many big game markets like Japan, North America…

PAD radar APK

puzzle and dragons radar mod apk


Puzzle and Dragons Radar has been released for a long time and has also subsided due to many new trends. But this is still the title game and I recommend you to experience. Under this article, I also introduced the MOD Game Version APK with the MOD functions you slowly discovered. Wish you have fun playing games.

Download Puzzle and Dragon Radar Mod Apk

Puzzle & Dragon Radar MOD APK

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