Download Pure Tuber Apk v2.12.4.004 for Android, PC


Pure Tuber Apk – a free Youtube ad-off application for smart mobile devices. With this application, users will not be bothered by unwanted ads on Youtube anymore. Pure Tuber is an application developed by Pure Tuber Studio.

Summary about Pure Tuber

Name Pure Tuber
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Genre App
Size 10 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up

Introduce about Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber Apk

Are you tired of YouTube ads? It makes you spend too much time on annoying ads. There are even many ads that make you feel extremely uncomfortable. From today, with Pure Tuber you will not be bothered by those ads anymore. Try downloading now and enjoy ad-free slideshow!

If in the past, people often know that the Youtube Vanced application is a solution to not be bothered by ads. But it did not appear in the google play store causing many people to have difficulty or fear of the virus. Now there’s the Pure Tuber app. This application is already available on Google Play so you can download it quickly without any worries.

Pure Tuber is an ad blocker for Android devices to block ads when watching videos on YouTube. It is completely free and has quite the full features of Youtube Vanced.

Features of Pure Tube

Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber Apk

Remove ads

Watch ad-free videos with a free offer. Collect user activity data to assemble millions of ad-free videos through AI technology, giving you an unexpected viewing experience. You can freely, freely watch all the videos on YouTube. Pop-up Ad Blocker will help block unwanted ads like pop-ups so you can enjoy an unprecedented video slideshow experience.

Play video on app background

With Pure Tuber, you can play videos and use other apps at the same time. Turn on Pure Tuber, the video will continue to play even if you exit the application. So you can continue to use social networking apps like Facebook, Line, Messenger, Whatsapp…

Use the minimize function that matches YouTube, on a small window in the corner of the screen that can be moved or resized. Now you can play games, check E-mail or do anything else!

The videos played on Pure Tuber have the same resolution as on Youtube. The maximum resolution can be achieved up to 8K for the most realistic and sharp images. You can customize the video resolution from 144p to 8K to match the quality of your Internet.

Pure Tuber User Manual

Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber is a free app and already available in google play store. So to download this application, you just need to type Pure Tuber into the search box on google play then download it to your phone. Or you can download the Apk version at the link below the article.

Once the download is complete and open the app, it will have the same interface as regular YouTube. You’ll see a home page where recommendations for videos you’ll be interested in are suggested. Moving on to the trending section, there are many different trending content in the market of your country such as: Trending, music, games, movies…

To use all the features of this app, you need to sign in with your google account. To avoid bad situations, you should use your secondary account.

When watching a video and exiting the home screen for the first time, the application will ask for permission so that the application can play in the background. Please select OK to be able to see the thumbnail while doing other things.

While playing in the background, you can adjust the following parameters:

  • Adjust size: Select the magnifying glass in the bottom corner to be able to adjust the size of the video.
  • Adjust video resolution: Select the number 360p, then adjust the resolution you want.
  • Adjust the speed: Click 1x to adjust the speed of the video fast or slow.
  • Go back to full screen: To return to the currently playing video, select the full screen icon in the lower right corner of the video.

Download Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber Block Ads for Video, Free Premium Apk

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