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Popular Wars MOD APK v1.0.20 (Unlimted Money)

Currently, on the store, the survival games are creating a lot of buzz with gamers of different ages. Catching the essential needs, the publisher Lion Studios quickly put Popular Wars game on the store. This mobile game has a unique way of playing and cute graphics. This is one of the hottest games on the market today.

Game content Popular Wars MOD APK

Popular Wars is a fun game under the IO genre. Those are simple games that have a simple, gentle entertainment. In this mobile game, you will play the big guy on the street. Your task in the game must attract members of others. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of followers.

The interesting thing about Popular Wars APK is the number of online players like you. Naturally, they have the same purpose as you. The winner of this game is the one who attracts the most followers during a given time period of the game.

Your task will be to move quickly looking for white people. Those are people who are not attracted to any groups. You must watch very quickly, approach the nearest people and contact within a few seconds.

If your subject changes color to yours, that character has joined your team. The larger the number of members, the bigger the circle and that will help you to income other members more quickly.

Popular Wars MOD APK

Clash with other gangs

Not only collecting members along the way, you also need to protect your army from rival members. Conversely, you can also rob members of your opponent if your team is outnumbered. The members you have won from opponents are those in the area where the two circles intersect.

If your circle is bigger than the opponent’s circle then you have annexed the opponent. If you encounter stronger opponents, they will do the same to you. At this point you will have to lead your army high as far away as possible to reduce troop losses.

With the acquisition of many opponents you will become strong. This will help you destroy many obstacles on your way. You will also easily chase opponents weaker than you.

Each match in the Game takes place only within 2 minutes. So you will have to try your best to attract the most people to win. As well as competing one place on the rankings of other players around the world.

Popular Wars MOD APK

Unlock the maps

Popular Wars MOD has quite a lot of maps in its journeys. That makes you not be bored anymore. You will have to unlock each map individually. However, the task of unlocking the map will be extremely difficult. Because it will be based on the times you top 1 in the battle. Absolutely not use money to unlock.


This is a fairly simple game. But the developer Lion Studios still pays great attention to the quality of 3D graphics of Popular Wars. Images in the game have bright colors. It brings a pleasing friendly feel to the player. The characters in the game are designed funny, cute and a bit of humor with the image of Matryoshka doll.

Popular Wars MOD APK


Is an online game with extremely attractive gameplay but does not take too much time for you to entertain. Through Popular Wars, you will have the opportunity to meet friends around the world and exchange information with each other. What are you waiting for without experiencing this game.

As always, I will provide both the standard versions for Android, iOS and the MOD APK (Unlimited Money) versions.

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Popular Wars MOD APK v1.0.20 (Unlimted Money)

Popular-Wars-mod apk