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Mobile Pokemon games have countless, and there are many good games. Can be mentioned as Pokemon GO, Pokemon Rumble Rush or Pokemon Quest … All of them, besides talking about Pokemon, and other common points are all released by The Pokemon Company. Not only that, today I introduce you to another good game about Pokemon. That is Pokemon Shuffle with Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android

Basic information about Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle possesses unique gameplay. This game is a mixture of fun and focused mainly on the object of wanting to relax. Pokemon Shuffle Hack has beautiful graphics, relatively smooth. This is a free game series based on Pokemon cartoons that are familiar to everyone. Come to Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android, you will be involved in a great story. The original is based on the original created by their own parents, Pikachu, Buibasaur, Squitel, ..

Although built on 2D graphics but not so the graphics of Pokemon Shuffle (with hacks) are underestimated. This is a mobile game equipped with tactical role-playing style. Participate in Pokemon Shuffle, the player will play an animal trainer. The main task of the player is to collect Pokemon.

More specifically in Pokemon Shuffle fighting battles that take place in match-3 form. Perhaps you have caught this form in many games, most recently I have introduced: Puzzle and Dragon Radar. However, this game still brings interesting things that you definitely want to explore. The player is supposed to defeat the Pokemon. In addition, they must purify them.

Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android

Game Play

Coming to Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android you will be involved in many extremely fierce (but fun) battles. They are broken down into several levels in this game. Game owns quite familiar gameplay, you are completely comfortable moving freely in the game.

Each match is arranged differently. They are placed vertically and horizontally. After each match there will be different arrangements according to the number of times a certain request. The longer the chains of combos, the stronger your attack ability. That is the general rule of match-3 games.


Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android requires you to pass levels from easy to difficult. Of course, the amount of time you spend must be as short as possible. When you pass the game screen you represent the specified Pokemon. In addition, the quests capture the beasts in a modest proportion, making the game’s difficulty a little bit more.

Based on the plot, rare Pokemon will be difficult to catch. Besides, you can also use gold coins and diamonds to buy special Poké Ball. Due to the development of Free-to-play, the game also offers limits on play.

Every time you join a match, you lose a HEART. They will be restored at certain times, or restored by the date. It is also a factor that makes gamers feel uncomfortable while being stuck in a certain game. But this can be completely solved in the Pokemon Shuffle Game Mod APK version that I provided below, with the main feature being Unlimited Hearts.

Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android


Overall you may find Pokemon Shuffle not too new. But not because of that, it’s not worth playing. This game is completely suitable for you to just install the game gently, kill time. As always, I will post under the article the standard version link from Google Play and link Pokemon Shuffle Hack Android. Wish you have fun playing games.

Pokemon Shuffle

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