Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk v1.0.6 (Unlimited Money)


Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk – exciting and unique action game where you will collect amazing monsters on your team. In addition to earning monsters, you will have to evolve to make them stronger and fight other beast trainers at the end of each level. Download Pocket Monsters Rush to your phone and start this exciting journey now!

Summary about Pocket Monsters Rush

NamePocket Monsters Rush
Size98 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Pocket Monsters Rush

Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

When watching Pokemon movies on the screen, have you ever dreamed of becoming an animal trainer? If yes, then you are definitely like me! And I have been playing Pocket Monsters Rush since this game was released. After a while, I found this game very interesting and fun.

This is a game developed by TapNation, a fairly successful game publisher with the once-popular Giant Rush game with more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play store. So far, TapNation has developed many other unique games and also attracted a lot of players around the world.

Most recently in May 2022, TapNation released this Pocket Monsters Rush game and after just over a month has received more than 1 million downloads. Although the gameplay is very simple, the image of Pokemon always makes players feel excited and can’t stop playing.

Gameplay Pocket Monsters Rush

Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

Coming to Pocket Monsters Rush, you will experience 4 jobs at the same time that is collecting gems, collecting monsters, dodging obstacles and fighting animal trainers. These monsters are designed with the same shape and size as Pokemon, so you will feel like you are lost in the world of super beasts.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to make the journey alone without any assistants. On the run, there will be diamonds and animal catch balls. To be able to earn more companions, you must have enough orbs and tame them to follow you.

Diamonds will be used to upgrade the number of points you get after each level. The more diamonds you earn, the more upgrades you will get. Collect awesome monsters on your team and fight with other Pokemon trainers with you! If you defeat them, you will receive a reward corresponding to the multiplier.

Pump up their power to defeat all enemies on the other side of the arena. It’s the best time to get lots of rewards while you’re working your way through the obstacles with your new monster friends. Hey, whose monster is the strongest?

A variety of lovely Pokemon

Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

An attraction to Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk players is that this game has many different levels of play. Each level has distinct designs such as new monsters, new obstacles and new evolution portals. These evolution portals will help your monster evolve one more level.

Of course, when evolving, the power of the monster will increase and this will also help you win easier. Pocket Monsters Rush has dozens of different types of Pokemon with all kinds of colors and extremely cute. They come in all shapes, sizes, and attacks. When you encounter monsters on the run, you will go straight towards them.

After collecting a certain type of monster, they will always run behind you. On the way will appear a blue gate and a red gate. The blue gate is to level up the Pokemon stronger and the red gate will weaken your monster. So when you encounter these two gates, pay close attention to them.

When approaching monsters, Pokemon Orbs will automatically be thrown to attract them to your team. To capture Pokemon, you will have to spend a certain number of balls. The larger the number of balls to capture, the stronger the pokemon is. So don’t miss any Poke balls you’ve encountered before. Try to capture as many monsters as possible.

Fight with Pokemon Trainer

Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk
Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

Once you’ve collected the Pokemon that follow you, you can fight another Pokemon trainer at the end of the way. At the end of a level, you will find an enemy with his army of monsters waiting. Monsters of the two teams will confront each other and whoever is stronger will win.

The stronger you are, the more rewards you get. Sometimes, waiting for you at the end of the road is not an enemy, but a chest full of diamonds for you to collect. Collect lots of monsters to win and get huge bonus chests. On the left side of your screen will appear two collections that are costumes and Pokemon.

The costumes will help your character become more beautiful, not help your strength increase. But with Pokemon it is completely different because the more powerful Pokemon will appear at the end of the collection. Therefore, try to unlock as many different types of Pokemon as possible to expand your collection.

Download Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

Pocket Monsters Rush Mod Apk

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