Pirate Attack Mod Apk 1.1.4 (Free Shopping, No Ads)


Pirate Attack Mod Apk – simple shooting game with a pirate theme where player will sit behind the cannon and control it to destroy all enemy ships. This is a pirate simulation game with simple controls but very attractive. Become a great and scary pirate in this crazy game! Game is published by IEC Global Pty Ltd.

Summary about Pirate Attack

Name Pirate Attack
Publisher IEC Global Pty Ltd
Genre Casual
Size 80 MB
Request Android 4.1 and up
Mod Feature Free Shopping, No Ads

Information Pirate Attack

Pirate Attack

Pirate Attack Mod Apk

Pirate Attack – arcade shooter on the pirate theme where the player will sit behind the cannon and destroy all enemy ships. Using simple but effective control the user will have the opportunity to bring the barrel to the side of the sailing vessel of the enemy and make a shot. Before shooting it is necessary to carefully take aim and choose the most suitable angle for a quality hit. Destroyed ships will help to get the generous bonuses that will be spent on upgrading weapons and improvement of the skills of the crew.

How to play

Pirate Attack

Pirate Attack Mod Apk

Gather an army of pirates, ride any of the available ships and wage an incredible fight. Attack enemy ships and destroy everything involved. After shooting down the target, you will receive a bonus and that money will be used to upgrade your ship. Complete the levels in the game and earn as much bonuses as possible. Controlling the cannon will not be as difficult as at first glance. You just need to aim it towards the target then choose the angle of the shot and perform a precise shot to finish off the enemy. In addition you can upgrade guns, train crew, improve the ship to be able to confront stronger opponents.


Pirate Attack

Pirate Attack Mod Apk

The Pirate Attack is a simple, yet very solid project, in which the player joins the crew of a pirate ship scouting across seas in search of merchants and targets. other value. Basically, they have to aim guns at approaching targets and shoot them accurately to convey to the victim the idea that it is better to surrender to the mercy of the victor. The whole process is done with the help of one finger, so that the gunners will have no problem completing their assigned missions. But besides that, they are given other gaming features and features for an enjoyable pastime.

Download Pirate Attack Mod Apk

Mod Info: Free Shopping, No Advertisement

Pirate Attack Mod Apk (Free Shopping, No Ads)

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