PicPlayPost Pro Mod Apk – Top photo editing application

Among thousands of photos – video app on stores, PicPlayPost Pro APK is still worth installing. I tried it, and I really felt like it. Below, I will analyze this app better!

Basic information PicPlayPost Pro APK

PicPlayPost is a new application, it has been around since 2012 (with PicPlayPost Android). In fact, it’s only recently on the App Store. However, on the iOS platform, it is the top paid app. It is a form of Photo framing apps (creating frames). For each photo, you can create their own frames and borders.

But the interesting thing about Pic Play Post is that it has a huge inventory of standard frames and filters. That allows you to incorporate videos into your creations. For those who are followers of Instagram Video and Vine, it’s really great.


Install the app, use it immediately

In the first version, Mixcord Inc – the father of PicPlayPost Pro welcomes new users with 8-page instructions on how to use it. Certainly, if you are a user like that, it would be very depressing to find out. This has been improved by the publisher in later versions. Currently, the tutorial is no longer available.

The rest is help documentation found in the settings of PicPlayPost. You may have trouble being new, but it’s okay. There is always room for you to find instructions. Totally assured.

Very easy to use

For me, pairing videos and arranging like photo viewer is very interesting. I have always viewed framed applications as a creative way to display photos without videos.

And with apps like Vine or Instagram that provide a good platform for displaying short videos. Your video will always stand out more than other videos.


With PicPlayPost Pro APK, users can choose frame layout rate, add photos. It is also possible to change the frame size separately or change the thickness, the color of the border … Basically nothing new to this app, but it is very professional and beautiful.

Touching a part will show Camera Roll will allow you to insert photos or videos. After arranging a photo in the box, you can zoom in or out. You can also rotate it to position the direction of the image. In addition, you can use the toolbar to adjust images.

There are a total of 36 different frame layouts, with six different frame rates. All include any position from 1 to 6 different sections to put content.

Pros / Cons of PicPlayPost Pro

The advantage of PicPlayPost app provides integrated video in the application framework only photo frame. App complete with continuous and simultaneous playback along with other unique features.

However, its disadvantage is that, with the version on iOS, PicPlayPost Pro APK does not support saving with iCloud and backing up between devices.



This app helps you stand out on Instagram or Vine. But even if you do not share personal photos online, it is also perfect to create family memories when sharing via iMessage and e-mail. Wish you have moments of relaxation and fun with friends and relatives.

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PicPlayPost Pro Mod Apk – Top photo editing application