Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk is an action racing game combined with exciting Moba genre by developer Panda Arcade. In Pico Tanks you’ll experience engaging 3v3 tank shootouts with fast and powerful style. What makes Pico Tanks so interesting is that it ranges from the detailed graphics and effects to the myriad of customization options.

Summary about Pico Tanks

Name Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem
Publisher Panda Arcade
Genre Strategy
Size 92 MB
Get it on Android 6.0 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Information Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem – racing action with the camera on top. The player will go into battle against real opponents to fight in three game modes: classic confrontations, capture the flag and interception of the cargo. In any case, participants need to cooperate with teammates to win. In between battles you can buy yourself a new vehicle and improve his weapons, armor, and skin. All this will help me to show himself in battle.

Pico Tanks makes players have fun. Action without pressure. There will be 2 teams in the game, each team includes three tanks that will face off in two-minute battles. Depending on the mission, you may have to rob flags, transport goods to your base, or simply kill as many enemies as possible.

Fight in dramatic 3v3 PvP mode

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Compete in fast-paced action battles with friends. You can also associate with players of the same rank. Face off against other armies in intense real-time 3v3 battles, with many exciting modes like:

  1. Hold the Flag: Your team needs to capture the flag and hold it as long as possible before the time runs out.
  2. Fetch the Cargo: A powerful tank in your team must get the goods before the opponent. It will pull cargo back to its base while the rest will be on the defensive team.

Attack your enemies, heal your teammates, hide in the bushes and raise sheep! Many fun game modes have been added in the updates of Pico Tanks.

Control in the game

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks game has super simple control system. Just use the left thumb to control the tank, and the right thumb to aim and shoot. In addition to the manual firing feature, players can also touch the automatic button to aim and defeat the nearest enemy. Above all, the game also has a button on the right of the screen that activates your special ability.

Among battles, gamers can unlock new tanks, or personalize the tanks you already have. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a blue car. You will have the opportunity to unlock all the tanks, parts, and additional colors every time you win a battle and level up.

Vehicle design and types of weapons

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Design a tank that fits your style and the tactics of the team. You can also exchange parts and weapons with your teammates in battle to your advantage. Unleash to create and design a unique tank with loads of customizations in Pico Tanks.

  • Diverse weapons: Choose weapons that suit your own play style. If you prefer long-range combat, the Sniper Rifle is the ideal choice. If you prefer melee combat and personal combat, try the Spud Launcher.
  • Heavy or light: Choose a tank with stats that match your chosen weapon. If you carry a lot of weapons, you will be stronger. These will make you move slowly. If equipped with little, the car will glide like flying on the battlefield.
  • Strengthen: Deploy an airstrike to finish off opponents or transfer missions to friends.
  • Customize personal appearance: Help your tank deserve to be the best armored vehicle, the most bunker or unique vehicle. Customize it with countless skins and characters. Destroy the battlefield by a tank with any crazy look you like.


When the smoke has cleared, meet up with your team and adjust strategies to refine your skills. Upgrade your tanks, climb the leaderboards, and engage in a dynamic community. Unlock skins and toppers as you progress. Collect Research to upgrade your tank bases, weapons and abilities. New features, game modes, maps and items will be added in future updates.

Download Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem (Unlimited Money)

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