Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk v1.6.5 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)


Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk – an interesting business simulation game released by Sablo Studio and related to the topic of oil extraction. In the game, players will have the opportunity to become the richest oil boss with the largest and most modern drilling rigs. This is the most satisfying oil mining game you will ever play!

Summary about Oil Mining 3D

NameOil Mining 3D
PublisherSablo Studio
Size76 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Oil Mining 3D

Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk

Have you ever thought of becoming an oilman? Or do you want to be the boss of an oil company? Come to Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk to become the richest oil miner in the world. Go through the work of extracting oil from earth with oil rigs and filling your wells to sell around the world and become a tycoon in no time.

Oil Mining 3D is an idle simulation game where the player will focus on the oil mining plant business. The player’s task is to make it more modern and more developed. You can buy new mining equipment and change the shipping method to make the product can be sold quickly.

Several factors will determine the performance of the plant, so you will find ways to improve them. This has to do with how much money you can earn and the unexpected rewards that appear every time you level up. Enjoy moments of great entertainment and relaxation with Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk.

Gameplay in Oil Mining 3D

Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk

Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk is a fun and entertaining game that you can download for free and play right now. At the beginning of the game, you will start a factory business with just a few simple mining equipment. As you progress, you will expand the factory and buy more equipment to mine more.

With Oil Mining 3D MOD, you will enjoy managing an oil mining company right now. In it, you will be in charge of your Sablo Refinery, where you can start making money by mining oil in the ground. Also, you can have fun while earning money from your oil mining company.

Players will manage a large-scale oil extraction plant divided into many different areas. Each area has an important role and is unlocked gradually throughout the level and is the first starting point the player finds in the oil field. After mining, you will pick up different barrels of oil that you can transport and sell to earn money.

In the game there are many things for you to upgrade, such as your profit, speed and recruiting ability. You can upgrade them to increase production productivity and increase profits earned. You can sit back and watch how your company has grown in this game.

Instructions to play Oil Mining 3D

The gameplay of Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk is not difficult for new players when the game has an idle mechanism that anyone can get used to. Oil extraction equipment is operated automatically and extracted oil will be transported by vehicle or convoy appear, depending on the development of the company. In addition, after the transport is finished, the player will receive a sum of money and the process will continue like this.

Development of oil extraction system

Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk
Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk

There are three main factors that determine your success in this game including: profit, speed and drilling equipment. So you need to focus your upgrade on those 3 things. For example, margins help you make more money from your products, or speed helps change shipping to help you get products out faster. Renting will help you increase the amount of equipment used for oil extraction.

There are more things you need to do than you can imagine. Such as filling wells, extracting oil from the ground, upgrading your machinery, … After mining is complete, you need to sell it to make money. Therefore, you will have to hire transport vehicles to transport the oil to the factories or places of consumption.

This is an idle game where you can continuously upgrade to increase production and make money without doing anything. Here, you can upgrade the speed of the machines so that they mine faster, increasing the profit will help to earn more money and your recruitment rate.

Speed ​​up the mining process

You may be interested to see your company implement different processes here. This starts with oil extraction and filling wells. You then transport them to your factory for processing and sell them to various places.

There are many things that you can do in Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk such as extracting oil, packing oil into barrels and transporting oil to companies that sell oil for consumption. All processes of the factory take place in a closed cycle from extraction to packaging to transportation to consumption.

You can upgrade your drill’s stats to make it mine faster and with more oil. It also means you will have more oil to sell and make more money. From there, it will be possible to upgrade many other indicators to develop the factory. This game will test your management skills as you will have to run your own mining company.

Oil Refinery Management

The player will have an experience bar in the upper right corner of the screen and it will increase as the factory activity is performed continuously. Every time you level up, you will receive rewards worthy of your efforts. The reward will usually be money and you can use it to upgrade various stats and expand into new areas.

The oil field is large in scale with separate production areas. As the level increases, you will unlock more new areas and can earn more money from there. Your factory is an oil refinery so the main activities are oil extraction, oil refining and transportation to sell for money.

The money received by the player in the game can be used to upgrade the stats related to the plant’s development performance. You can also use your money to expand into completely new areas and earn yourself more profits.

Download Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk

Oil Mining 3D Mod Apk

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