My Little Universe

My Little Universe Mod Apk v1.23.2 (Unlimited Resources)

Have you ever thought that you would build a planet of your own? If you had the power to build anything, what would you do? Try it right away with this extremely entertaining My Little Universe game! Don’t forget to download this My Little Universe MOD APK version to your phone!

Summary about My Little Universe

NameMy Little Universe
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Size293 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Resources
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about My Little Universe

My Little Universe Mod Apk
My Little Universe Mod Apk

My Little Universe Mod Apk – an engaging adventure game with a large simulation planet with many rare resources. My Little Universe is a game from extremely popular game developer Say Games Ltd with many great games like Race Master 3D, Muscle Rush, Comics Bob,…

In the game, you will feel like a god with great power that can build and create everything into a planet of your own. This is a perfect entertainment game for gamers regardless of age, it also makes everyday life more colorful and experience more wonderful.

The reason why you have to come to this planet is that when the previous planet you were on was devoid of life and now, you will have to rebuild another planet yourself from items, tools, raw materials. most rudimentary. Creating a world isn’t easy, but it’s certainly fun, as you’ll see in this fun casual world-building adventure game.

Get lost in your own little universe

My Little Universe Mod
My Little Universe Mod

Creating your own world will not be easy, but it will certainly be extremely interesting. As you can see, this is an extremely interesting world building simulation and adventure game. Pick up a pickaxe or ax and collect useful materials, but to build new islands you will need not only wood and stone, but also various fossil metals.

So pick up a hoe and cut down trees, harvest wood, build and garden to build your own world. However, this vast planet has many things that you have not discovered yet. There, there are proto-animals, ferocious monsters, they want to destroy what you build.

As you build strong and fortified cities, you will be able to defend your planet from frequent enemy attacks. Also you can open businesses and resettle empty islands. My Little Universe Hack has a total of 9 different planets, so feel free to experience it.

Exploit resources, build a new world

My Little Universe Apk
My Little Universe Apk

To build their own world, players must exploit the resources available on this vast planet. Let’s start from exploiting the most rudimentary materials such as wood and stone. Initially, the game only gives you a rudimentary pickaxe, so mining will be a bit difficult. But in the future, things will be more favorable, so please work hard for now.

Under those arid rocks, there are many valuable resources such as diamonds, gems, gold, … My Little Universe has up to 15 different types of resources for you to exploit. Each type of resource has its own use related to the construction process. In addition, you can also use money to buy if you are lazy to exploit with Unlimited Resources Hack version.

With this game, you can exploit unlimited resources, plan construction works according to your preferences. The more constructions are built, the more crowded this planet becomes, bustling with houses, residential areas, towns, neighborhoods, businesses, etc. From an unspoiled planet, it will gradually become a place. Modern, crowded.

In the process of building the planet, you will in turn unlock businesses, build buildings, expand residential areas and explore deserted islands. The construction and mining work will not only stop at one planet, but it will also last indefinitely.

Fight monsters to protect the planet

My Little Universe Hack Apk
My Little Universe Hack Apk

This world is too big and it contains a lot of mysteries that you may not know. In places where there is life, there is always competition and so is in My Little Universe. Although the work of building construction and expanding the residence is very busy, you must not forget your side task that is to protect the city.

Because enemies will appear randomly everywhere and continuously enter your beautiful city. They can be ferocious primitive monsters or mutant animals. Wherever they go, they destroy the buildings there. Therefore, you need to destroy them as soon as possible to minimize the smallest damage.

You will have to fight against the enemy while the player has to continue building his planet. It’s a hectic and stressful job, but it’s certainly doable. If you want beautiful buildings to be safe, you have to regularly go everywhere, all over the planet to observe and keep everything safe.

Endless journey

My Little Universe Hack
My Little Universe Hack

The adventure in My Little Universe is made more interesting when players experience many different game modes and levels. The game has up to 9 levels corresponding to 9 different planets and the difficulty increases so that players do not get bored.

Accordingly, the performance of construction and defense combat will become more and more difficult. Each planet only contains a certain amount of resources, which means that players must balance their resource use in the most reasonable way so as not to fall into resource exhaustion.

However, if you use our My Little Universe Hack, this problem will become simple. My Little Universe APK MOD provides 10 different types of environments so that players can have land to show their intelligence and talent.

Each environment will have different climates, colors, resources, enemies. Those are the factors that affect the player’s world-building process. But that is what makes this game even more interesting and attractive.

Features in game

Mine, accumulate 15 different types of resources and use them with limitless wisdom to create a beautiful planetary paradise that can be immersed in your divine benevolence.

In this game, you have a mighty pickaxe that is both good at fighting monsters as well as breaking rocks, mining minerals and mining gold. Upgrade it through 8 different levels to improve your divine productivity and harvest even more resources to keep building.

As civilization develops, you will have the opportunity to set up industrial facilities to smelt metals, process minerals and craft 8 more weapons including an ax with 8 different levels of improvement and Unique Excalibur sword to defeat enemies.

Expand and diversify with 10 different in-game environments. Explore and mine in style to create your own true paradise. But beware of monsters – 8 enemy types including hideous snowmen, unfriendly ants and alien mushroom enemies are all ready to stop your creative ideas.

Simple yet engaging graphics and rich sound layout add to the appeal of this simple yet engaging cross-genre mining game where you write your own creation legend.

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My Little Universe Mod Apk
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My Little Universe Mod Apk v1.23.2 (Unlimited Resources)

My Little Universe