My Hotpot Story Mod Apk

My HotPot Story Mod Apk v1.4.6 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

My Hotpot Story Mod Apk is an attractive restaurant management job simulator that is very hot in the community recently. This is a simple, idle game for players who love lightness and relaxation. Let’s learn about this game with Modapkgame and how to download My Hotpot Story MOD to your phone!

Summary about My Hotpot Story

NameMy Hotpot Story
Size275 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money, Diamonds
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about My Hotpot Story

My Hotpot Story Mod Apk
My Hotpot Story Mod Apk

My Hotpot Story MOD is a simulation restaurant management game. In this job, you will play the role of a hot pot restaurant owner to develop different hot pot dishes, plan daily purchases, receive customers, train chefs and waiters, buy home decorations store, open chain stores, etc.

If before playing My Hotpot Story, you thought that being the owner of a crowded restaurant would just sit still and collect money, then you are too wrong. Although you are the owner of the restaurant, your job is very busy because you will have to do everything from cooking, shopping, training chefs, serving customers,…

The setting of the restaurant is inspired by the familiar scenes of China, where there are restaurants, modern neighborhoods but still retain the traditional character in them. Chinese-style doors, famous for Chongqing hot pot.

Immerse yourself in the poetic space and create new hot pot recipes, create grocery shopping schedules, train chefs and waiters, etc. All the fun of My Hotpot Story MOD APK waiting for you to discover. Download this game to your phone and enjoy relaxing moments right now!

Gameplay of My Hotpot Story

My Hotpot Story Mod Apk
My Hotpot Story Mod Apk

At the beginning of My Hotpot Story, you will play as an intern chef who has just completed a cooking course. While studying, he had accumulated some capital to rent an old house that was abandoned due to the loss of business owner.

You will immediately start your work with cleaning and remodeling the house. In the house, there are remnants of many old and broken objects such as scattered old chairs, rotting pictures, broken objects everywhere. Fortunately, this place also used to be a restaurant, so there are a few items that you can take advantage of.

The restaurant will be divided into 2 separate areas with a kitchen for cooking and a main house for serving customers. If you want to clean up the restaurant, you will have to spend 550 coins with 350 coins for the main house and 200 coins for the kitchen.

Right from the start of My Hotpot Story MOD, you have to save and manage your resources well. The investment to expand the restaurant is also very important. You can invest in the purchase of raw materials, kitchen utensils and decorative furniture. Only when the shop is beautifully decorated, delicious food, and friendly service will many customers come.

Happy sugar hotpot shop business

My Hotpot Story Mod Apk
My Hotpot Story Apk

When a customer comes to eat, the wait staff will come and ask about the menu of the guest. After the customer orders, the waiter will bring the menu to you. The player’s job in this game is quite simple, it is to cook the dishes that customers follow the available recipes.

After cooking, bring the finished product to a bowl or plate and then bring it to the dining table to serve customers. Wait for them to finish eating, then come and collect the money. When paying, a blue coin will appear, you just need to click on it to receive the money.

When finished eating, a white broom appeared on the dining table. Just click on it and it will automatically clean the dining table. After a white smoke and dust rose, the tables and chairs, dishes and utensils were cleaned and shiny.

Every decision made has a direct impact on the restaurant’s business. For example, you have to choose the right location, design the dining area, and hire good staff. If done well, the business will be favorable and so on, one day you will become rich.

Build your own restaurant

When the business becomes favorable, then you will have more money and the construction and decoration of the restaurant will depend on the style you want. But design it so that when customers come, they will feel amazed and want to eat right away.

Choose your favorite styles to make your restaurant attractive to customers from the first time. That was based on the way it decorated it with beautiful furniture and pictures hanging on the wall. It can create a relaxed, poetic, pleasant atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

If you choose classic Chinese style, the shop will have a dome above and around the ancient white walls, in front of the door is a large sign with the name of the shop in Chinese characters. The designs in My Hotpot Story APK are all very beautiful and special.

If you choose the modern European style, the windows are completely replaced with light yellow glass. Guests who come to eat will be able to eat hot pot while observing the scene of the busy street.

Or in the Japanese design style with wooden folding doors, high tables and chairs are transformed into low tables and seats. Along with that are pots of bonsai trees that bring a cool feeling when eating hot hot pot.

Build a special menu

My Hotpot Story Mod Apk
My Hotpot Story Mod Apk

Of course, when going to restaurants to eat, what customers care about is the restaurant’s menu. Only delicious food can retain regular customers and attract new customers. So building a menu with special dishes can help you do just that.

When the hot pot restaurant has become famous, the customers will come more and also help you to earn a lot of money. At this point, you can buy more advanced ingredients. Instead of serving traditional hot pot dishes, at this time, you can open a buffet hot pot shop, for example.

In My Hotpot Story MOD, the application of modern technology also makes service work simpler. For example, placing a conveyor belt in the center of the restaurant will help the waiters not have to go to each table to serve. Instead, just put the food on the conveyor belt.

Customers who want to eat something can sit still and take what they want. Hire more staff to speed up serving customers even faster. There is always a big fat chef wearing a white shirt as the NPC. Follow his instructions and activities to quickly integrate.

Build a spacious kitchen

My Hotpot Story Hack Apk
My Hotpot Story Hack Apk

The kitchen is the most important place in a restaurant, where delicious food is created for everyone. This is also the place where new and special dishes are born with the scent and smoke of the kitchen constantly emitting. There are always chefs going back and forth to please diners.

The kitchen is divided into several separate areas. The more spacious and airy the kitchen is, the more comfortable the chefs feel. The cooking area is where talented chefs unleash their creativity.

There are glass cabinets for cakes and dishes that need to be preserved and eaten cold. There is an area dedicated to storing raw materials and materials for preparation. Slice meat, chop bones, chop vegetables, corn, potatoes and arrange them on plates beautifully.

There is also a very interesting way to make money in My Hotpot Story Hack that is to hire artists to perform. While the guests are enjoying the meal, you can hire artists and musical teams to perform. At that time, the customer will be very satisfied and pay you more tips.


The guests who come to eat are also diverse in age and class. There are rich, elegant suit-wearing bosses. There are also old men and women walking with sticks to eat with their families. The traveling friends wear flashy clothes.

So whoever it is, you need to serve them wholeheartedly. They all contribute to help you build a successful restaurant in My Hotpot Story MOD.

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