Download My Friend Pedro Mod Apk v1.11 (Unlocked Premium)


My Friend Pedro Mod Apk – fun shooting action game with exciting and dramatic gun battles. My Friend Pedro is a game released for free by DevolverDigital. With the MOD version, you will be able to use the Premium package for free.

Summary about My Friend Pedro

NameMy Friend Pedro
Size82 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Mod Apk
My Friend Pedro Mod Apk

My Friend Pedro is the journey of a banana guy. They kidnapped his wife and children and left him to die. But it will take more than that to split this family of bananas. Help your friend Pedro serve up some ice-cold revenge, with a volley of bullets overhead!

This is an action game, which is very popular in the market. Attractive shooting screens will bring players moments of refreshment and excitement. Do not hesitate to join the game and start the journey right away.

What sets this game apart from other standard action games is its unique animations and graphics. It has the same control features as Angry Birds, where you can choose the trajectory. It’s the only way you can get around here, offering a unique shooting method.

Start the journey

With the help of a friend, the player has entered the moment of revenge one by one. After a long journey, see someone’s shadow and shoot them with a gun. You are very brave and dare to face many battles.

After many stories, you have become vindictive and confident enough to take revenge. Apply the shooting skills you know as well as the experience you have, apply to this game to be able to shoot more accurately.

As you pass through your projected area, you can shoot in the air as time slows down. This is the perfect action game that lets you perform jumps, stunts and somersaults in the air.

37 levels of play

My Friend Pedro Mod Apk
My Friend Pedro Mod Apk

This game has many levels and many different levels. Each track is a different playing style. Moreover, My Friend Pedro Mod Apk is divided into 37 different levels, from easy to difficult; Depending on the ability of each player, they will have the right to choose for themselves a level of play that they feel is suitable for them and confident that they will do it.

In each level, you will have to meet a lot of enemies in different locations as well as the difficulty also increases. You will find that your enemies will get more challenging as you go on, and you need to level up. You can enjoy completing each level as you go through the end where you can save your friends family!

Unique controls

What is unique about My Friend Pedro compared to other side-scrolling games is that it has a different control scheme. Instead of the usual virtual joystick or arrow keys, you can move using the trajectory. This is a similar concept to how you launch the birds in Angry Birds.

You can control the distance as well as the altitude to be able to go anywhere you want. As you go through the different zones, you can shoot in the air and enjoy the slow motion action today.

In the process of bombarding the enemy, players can use a number of flexible and professional moving elements through each angle. These will make a deep impression on many people; most of all, it will attract other people’s attention and interest to this game. From there, you will be able to attract more customers. After completing the task, you will receive more points and more valuable rewards.

Graphics and sound

My Friend Pedro Mod Apk
My Friend Pedro Mod Apk

The gloomy sound creates a mysterious feeling of My Friend Pedro. This gave this game a completely different image, very formal and elegant indeed. The characters are designed in detail, although very small, but have a lot of functions.

The character’s sniper level is also very high. The successful construction of images through smart and sophisticated graphic design has created a special highlight in the hearts of each player.

The shooting phase is not really fierce but also brings excitement to players. The vibrant background music partly helps players not feel bored when playing.

Being immersed in the game will help players feel the circumstances of the war to be able to shoot guns as comfortably and accurately as possible.

Download My Friend Pedro Mod Apk

My Friend Pedro Mod Apk

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