Download Muscle Rush MOD APK v1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)


Muscle Rush Mod Apk is a casual racing game released by SayGames with dynamic and intense races. In Muscle Rush, players take part in a fun run where you can transform into any superhero you love.

Summary about Muscle Rush

Name Muscle Rush
Developer SayGames
Genre Racing
Version 1.2.2
Size 60 MB
Requirements Android 4.4 and up
Mod Unlimited Money

Introduce about Muscle Rush

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

If you are bored with traditional racing games and are looking for a new racing game. Then Muscle Rush is a suitable choice for you. Muscle Rush is an exciting and fun racing game for those who love superheroes in cinema.

Do you have what it takes to become the top runner in Muscle Rush? Sprint, spin and crash through wood, smash glass, bricks, metal and more in your quest to get swole.

Player will take control of a thin young man who will have to pump his muscles to the maximum. To reach the goal, the hero must run through an obstacle course, collecting energy drinks and breaking walls.

Each power engineer will increase muscle mass, which will make it much easier to overcome obstacles, as well as to deal with hooligans that arise on the way. After reaching the finish line, the gamer will receive a certain number of points that can be spent on skins for the character.

Become a muscular superhero

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Today, there are many people possessing giant muscular bodies. And in Muscle Rush, you will have the opportunity to become muscular superheroes with unrivaled strength. In Muscle Rush, you will have to confront a lot of obstacles and robbers in your way.

To defeat them, the best way is to be strong. And to do this, you will need to collect energy tanks on the track to become healthier. After completing the level, you will receive valuable rewards corresponding to your health. The more levels you complete, the more characters you unlock like Hulk, Police, Red Hero, … Enjoy the fun only in this exciting game!

Gameplay of Muscle Rush

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

The race in Muscle Rush is really dynamic! Fast-paced game with loads of obstacles for you to overcome. Try and see how much your muscles grow as you strengthen! Get bolstered, become muscular and boost your strength as you overcome challenging obstacles!

Smash the barriers in front of you, knoc the gangsters that stand in your way, grab all the energy drinks and batteries you can, and get ready to smash your screen in thrilling arm wrestling battles to defeat a host of increasingly aggressive muscle bullies.

Your reward will be greater for each obstacle you overcome. However, each of them also consumes your energy. To get to the end, strength is not enough – you will also need a small strategy to get there safely! Show that you are smart enough to match your strength!

How to play 

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Upgrade your speculators with tons of fun accessories! Collect a variety of special characters as you progress and pass the levels. From strong men to fitness brothers, athletes, wrestlers, superheroes, and more. Customize your muscles for maximum strength!

Break the obstacles and collect keys scattered along the way to earn a lot of cash. Then upgrade your punch strength to make sure you have enough power to knock out the heads, gold bars and even solid metal doors.

At the end of each level, you will face off in an epic arm wrestling match with the boss for more bonuses, putting your biceps on the challenge. Have you ever thought of yourself up against an alien or a torn old woman?

Make sure you don’t get ripped off before the session is over, and complete all the obstacle-clearing sessions by overcoming a series of brick walls. The further you go, the bigger the reward will be, and the wilder and more unique your celebratory moves are. Break-dance and boogie dance on the rubble!

Download Muscle Rush Mod Apk

Body building has never been so fun! Beautiful graphics and extremely pleasing sound effects help players feel comfortable while playing. This means that during this training process, you will not face many difficulties and reap many benefits.

Muscle Rush Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Video Muscle Rush MOD APK

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