Muscle Land Mod Apk

Download Muscle Land Mod Apk v1.19 (Unlimited Money)

Muscle Land Mod Apk – casual arcade game from the publisher Panteon. With a simulated world, players have the opportunity to enter a whole new adventure. The exciting and unique gameplay of Muscle Land will bring players new experiences.

Summary about Muscle Land

NameMuscle Land
Size63 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Muscle Land

Muscle Land Mod Apk
Muscle Land Mod Apk

Muscle Land is an arcade game set in a simulator world. Here you will start your new adventure. You will have a large space and need to expand the land and create important amenities like storage room, garden, animal feeding area, exercise area, etc.

Enter your new adventure: Muscle Land! Eat as much as you can and convert those calories into energy. Build muscle for your character throughout the wonderful world of Muscle land!

Enjoy the ultimate arcade idle experience with this new game. It is very addictive and fun! Feed animals and don’t forget to provide them with needs like water! Shake those sweet plants and pick up the tough bears and get lots of calories to spend later! Grow your muscles and make some gains!

Gameplay of Muscle Land

Muscle Land Mod Apk
Muscle Land Mod Apk

Enjoy moments of fun in the world of Muscle Land Mod Apk. Perform a variety of activities with the sole purpose of gaining muscle. Make sure you build your character into a great muscular man with optimal agility to continue building a fascinating world.

At the start of this game you will need to make sure you are growing calorie-rich plants in your garden to boost your energy levels. There are many different tasks that you have to do such as collecting meat from animals, farming in the garden, collecting sweet gummy bears from trees, training at the gym and more.

Animals are behind and don’t forget to give them food and water. Grow calorie-rich foods in the garden, shake sweet plants and pick up tough bears, expand more land and eventually create a storage facility so you can use it later!

There are many things you have to do in Muscle Land like growing food, raising animals and feeding them, participating in exercise sessions, etc. Enjoy simple gameplay where you take the lead on what you should do next from a red arrow. Always follow the direction indicated by the arrow to expand and explore other essential facilities.

Daily muscle training

Muscle Land Mod Apk
Muscle Land Mod Apk

You will start the game with a small space. Work hard to unlock other areas and expand your territory across vast lands. You can instantly explore different facilities like fitness area, home, garden, etc.

Your character must have enough energy to do different jobs and complete each level of the game. The game will vividly display the character’s calorie and energy level. Make sure the character’s energy level is not maxed out as he won’t be able to do many of the required quests.

You can earn unlimited coins to unlock more lands and do more activities. At the same time will help the character in the game develop more agile. With that unlimited money, you can easily upgrade workers’ abilities as well as buy more in-game items to make the game more interesting.

Muscle Land allows you to have various workers in the background. They are the people who will actively help you do many different things. To increase their capacity, you have to upgrade their working stats. That helps them work faster and more efficiently.

Features in Muscle Land

To move the character, you just need to swap the screen in the desired direction. To know where you need to move the character next, follow the instructions given by the red arrow that appears in front of him. Very simple, right?

More instructions on what to do will also be displayed on the screen as you continue to play. For example, you will only need to touch the screen to make the character perform different movements in the gym section.

Muscle Land’s 3D graphics deliver the best scenes in the entire game environment. As you move around the vast land you have created, the movements and reflections of the characters are very realistic.

Simulations of various things are lifelike and you will really appear as if you were on a real farm doing real things!

Download Muscle Land Mod Apk

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Download Muscle Land Mod Apk v1.19 (Unlimited Money)

Muscle Land Mod Apk