Moneyland Mod Apk

Download Moneyland Mod Apk v2.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

You are a money lover, buy shop and earn more money. Download now Moneyland Mod Apk game to start your business journey and become a city owner. Buy a store, buy a building, buy a bank,… are all things you can do in the city of Moneyland.

Summary about Moneyland Mod Apk

PublisherRollic Games
Size78 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Moneyland

Moneyland Mod Apk
Moneyland Mod Apk

If you are looking for an entertaining and relaxing game, there are many games available for you right now. You can find and enjoy a wide variety of games with different themes and categories.

You can find a lot of games and they bring a lot of fun and fun to play. One of them is Moneyland, and when you play this game you will own a city!

Moneyland is a casual game released by the developer Rollic Games. In Moneyland, you will play as a boss who owns an entire city but starts with only one employee.

He will help you collect money for buildings in the city. You can collect a lot of money from buildings in the city and then use it to develop and expand your city. In this game you can buy an ice cream shop, dumpster, shops, houses, buildings, and much more.

Become a boss of the city

Moneyland Mod Apk
Moneyland Mod Apk

You can play Moneyland for free on your mobile device today. In Moneyland Mod Apk, you do not need to focus too much because your task is just to collect money and invest.

You just sit in one place and direct your staff to do everything. They will go to each house, each building to collect rent. You will pick up coins on the street to start building your city.

You can use the money you earn to unlock a lot of shops, buildings, houses and other things needed for a city. From those buildings will help increase your income.

You can perform various upgrades such as increasing staff movement speed, gathering speed, and capacity. Then you can also upgrade your school district’s income and workers. Moneyland is a fun game to play as you expand your city and increase your population right now.

City construction

Moneyland Mod Apk
Moneyland Mod Apk

You can find and play many casual games because they are fun and can be played anytime you want. With Moneyland, you can build your city by collecting money from the ground. Enjoy this coolest casual game now!

In the game you can pick up a lot of cash that you can use it whenever you want right now. You can freely enjoy them while building your city by unlocking many houses, shops and buildings! Upgrade many things and grow your city!

Unlock many buildings

You can find and play a lot of fun casual games to play right now. But if you like casual games, there are many fun games that you can enjoy, such as Moneyland. With this application, you can freely unlock a lot of buildings if you have money.

Many buildings are available here, like eateries, banks, shops, donut shops, hotels, houses, etc. The more buildings you unlock, the more your population will grow! You are free to expand your city here as you continue to collect more coins.

Countless upgrades

Moneyland Mod Apk
Moneyland Mod Apk

Here you can collect coins from the ground and then use it to buy different buildings. You can then use it to expand your city and then unlock buildings. You can collect various profits from your businesses across the city and keep upgrading.

Here, you can freely upgrade many things such as movement speed, collection speed, capacity. You can also upgrade the income of the district and its workers. You can also get them for free while watching video ads!

Moneyland is a free game that lets you collect money, unlock businesses and build your city! This is a fun game that you can play right now to grow your city and population.

Download Moneyland Mod Apk

Moneyland Mod Apk
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Download Moneyland Mod Apk v2.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

Moneyland Mod Apk