Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk v2.2.2 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


You are playing Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion, but this game takes too long to clear the island. You want to find an Unlimited Money Mod version to upgrade warriors and dinosaurs quickly. Download and try our Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk now to enjoy the joy of winning! This is one of the best casual games out there.

Summary about Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion

NameMerge Master Dinosaur Fusion
Size65 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk is a casual strategy game released by the developer HOME GAMES. In this game, you will be immersed in the ancient world, where the wars between dinosaurs and ancient people take place.

When playing Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion, you will encounter moments of childhood with dinosaurs and hunter guys. When participating in the game, you will become the commander of your army to fight other hostile forces.

In this game you will be required to participate in battles in which you will have to competently distribute your units across a board. It is then possible to merge units to level up and get stronger and stronger units.

The game will allow you to merge similar units into a more advanced unit. But it takes money to upgrade. So the MOD Unlimited Money version will help you do that simply.

Merge unit to win

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

Starting in Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion, the system will give you a lvl 1 dinosaur unit. And you have to fight another warrior and another lvl1 dinosaur. However, the beginning will often be very difficult, so in this battle, you will be defeated.

After each battle, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of gold and use that money to buy more units. This game challenges you to think and merge the same creatures to unlock more advanced characters. In this game, the more you win, the more money you get.

This game is also a strategy game because after upgrading units, you can freely arrange on the board for them to fight. Let’s arrange the dinosaurs will be the first unit and the archery unit in the back to optimize the amount of damage dealt.

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk has many different characters and dinosaurs for you to unlock. In addition, the game also has many different levels to help you enjoy the fun to the fullest. Download Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion to your device and join the battle right now!

Unlock dinosaurs and warriors

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion has a diverse collection of dinosaurs and warriors with 11 levels each. Each combination of dinosaurs or warriors of the same type will give a higher level unit with greater fighting power.

You will get a certain amount from completing many levels in the game. Use that money to buy more units and combine them together. Then fight by placing your characters anywhere you like in the game.

Units with higher star level will help you to win the levels easier. The game has no clear objective other than to advance and advance. Multiple levels provide extra motivation to discover as many dinosaurs as possible.

To unlock all dinosaurs and warriors, you must own a huge amount of money. Because after each upgrade, you will have to spend more money to buy. You can also watch ads to get bonuses but that will take you quite a while.

So our Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk version will give you unlimited money so you can comfortably upgrade your units. With Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod, you will easily complete enough collection of heroes and dinosaurs, even tyrannosaurs.

Instructions on how to play

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

Before the battle begins, you must assemble a team and precisely position each position where they will fight. For example, dinosaurs have a short range, so put them in the first row. And warriors with long range can be placed in the bottom row. Doing so will be able to optimize damage more.

To win, buy lots of different heroes to combine them into more powerful warriors or dinosaurs. Then place them on the battlefield. Focus on the enemy formation and accurately calculate your strength.

If all units are ready to fight, click Start Fight to start the battle. All battles will take place in automatic mode. Meaning you can only conduct ability training before the match, once the battle starts you can no longer influence.

Warriors and dinosaurs will automatically fight with opponents. The match only ends when one of the two sides is completely destroyed. The stronger your combat units are, the easier it will be to win.

By winning battles, you will be able to replenish your team’s ranks with new heroes and new dinosaurs. In addition to traditional archers, magicians and fighters, Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk also has a lot of different dinosaurs.

Download Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod Apk

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