Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk v1.6.2 (Unlocked Animals, No Ads)

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk – interesting entertainment game released by SayGames Ltd with the theme of combining humans and animals. Freedom in the lab, let your imagination work, merge the DNA of different animals and create the ultimate mutant runner.

Summary about Merge Animals 3D

NameMerge Animals 3D
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Size65 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Merge Animals 3D

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk
Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk is a best game for you to entertain and have relaxing moments. Play to release stress, frivolity and limitless imagination. Once you enter the world of Merge Animals 3D, you will become a mad scientist. Your mission is to merge the DNA of powerful animals into a human.

A fun running game with an odd difference, Merge Animals 3D combines strategy, sharp thinking, and crazy science to ignite your imagination and ignite your adrenalin pump. Show off your evil gen-ius, perfect every runner’s pixel and get them on track for evolutionary success.

Create a mutant then test with experiments by unleashing them on a series of obstacles to race against nature’s multi-limbed freaks. This is an ultimate competition in evolution where only the fittest survive.

Mad scientist with mutants

What do advances in genomics mean for the future of humanity? In this crazy game you will have a chance to make some amazing changes to the human body with just a few needle strokes.

In Merge Animals 3D, you will become a genius scientist but extremely crazy. You will create a mutant organism that combines human and animal DNA. Make him the invincible mutant on this planet.

After creating a strange creature, you will use him to race and overcome stages full of terrible obstacles that ordinary people cannot overcome. Only he, a mutant with a gene, has that invincible power.

Join the race of mutants

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk
Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk

There are more than 20 different levels with extremely diverse obstacle courses, different aspects create different advantages in the evolution.

Carefully modify your mutant runner in the lab, and if you don’t win the first time, try combining other genetic variants to create the right combination for the course. Keep testing!

Inject your runner with the DNA of over 10 different animals to create hundreds of genetic variations, each with their own unique genetic advantage that will help overcome a specific element of an obstacle object.

Give your athlete the wings of an eagle to soar above the competition, the arms of a spider to navigate rough surfaces, the neck of a giraffe to stretch to the finish line and a pair of rabbit feet for good luck.

How to play Merge Animals 3D

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk
Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk

The way to control the game is very simple with just touching the injection to withdraw the DNA in any vial below the screen. Then drag the injection into the subject, injecting it at a point on his body. Anywhere on his body can be injected because it will give the same results.

Take advantage of these incredible advances in bioengineering. Merge animal genes to create the ultimate mutant runner in this unique running game.

Combine fast-paced races with strategy puzzle gameplay as you combine the features of different lab animals to create the best runner for each individual obstacle course.

Fulfill your crazy scientist dreams and create the wildest genetic experiments in this fast, fun and whimsical running game. Evolution race is on!

Unified mutant DNA

The result of each DNA injection will be something new “sprout” on the main object. The new thing that grows will have a large characteristic of the animal that you have previously selected for DNA.

Accompanying the changes in appearance are the special abilities of each species: giraffes will help you keep your balance better, crab claws look a bit bulky but will help you to climb walls. Quick obstacles, some changes to the appearance of crocodiles will give you the ability to swim very quickly and dive deep in the water.

In this game, there will be a lot of animal DNA for you to choose from to experiment on the host. To start, you can create a mutant from a type of DNA.

Then there will be more types of DNA, so it is possible to transform into dozens of different types of people by combining one, two or even three or four types of DNA at the same time.


Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk is a unique and highly addictive game that you can play. Graphics are nothing out of the ordinary because it’s in 3D. Everything is smooth here, even the lab you will have! Plus, the experiments you can do will really test the limits of what you can create.

Colorful graphics and exciting character designs combine with imaginative obstacles and eye-catching animations to make the world of Merge Animals 3D a beautiful game down to the last pixel, as well as being fun and vibrant place to spend your time as you play with mad scientist in style.

Download the game now and merge animal genes to create the ultimate mutant runner in this unique running game, download the game now and merge animal genes to create fortunes. Encourage the ultimate mutant in this unique running game.

Download Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk

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Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk v1.6.2 (Unlocked Animals, No Ads)

Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk