Download Man or Vampire Mod Apk v1.6.2 (Hack One Hit)


Man or Vampire Mod Apk – a nostalgic strategy role-playing game combined with fresh elements to create an unprecedented and especially fun game. Recruit companions to join the adventure of becoming the King of Heaven. The game is published and developed by HIDEA.

Summary about Man or Vampire

NameMan or Vampire
Size127 MB
RequestAndroid 4.1 and up
Mod FeatureOne Hit

Information about Man or Vampire

Man or Vampire Mod Apk
Man or Vampire Mod Apk

Heaven: a mystical world where the souls of the dead continue to live. Now that the end of heaven is looming because of the vampires guarding the border, only the King of Heaven can save the world from this calamity. Now an adventure to become the King of Heaven begins.

The world in Man or Vampire is full of mysteries where the souls of the dead continue to live, which we often call paradise. But the appearance of vampires has made this place lose its inherent peace.

Here the only person who can resist the vampires and save this world from destruction is King Eden. So in Man or Vampire, you will be playing the role of King Eden on a journey to save the world with a few other heroes.


Man or Vampire Mod Apk
Man or Vampire Mod Apk

Man or Vampire is an RPG game with turn-based action elements. The first important thing players need to do at the beginning of the game is to choose a character, then go on a journey in the dungeon to be able to find more heroes.

After finding more teammates, lead them to battle so that you can develop your unique skills as well as other heroes. Allied skills also create different effects with a large range and target.

When not fighting, your heroes will move freely around the main character. It is completely possible to freely explore, destroy the items encountered on the road to be able to earn a little more gold. But when it comes time to face the enemy, they will quickly regroup and switch to turn-based combat.

After each match you will receive a certain amount of gold. But they will be very few and that makes you unsatisfied. Use gold to upgrade your character to become stronger. However, the amount of gold received is quite small, so you will have to plow a lot to be able to upgrade.

You need a lot of money in summoning companion characters as well as increasing skill power, upgrading weapon equipment. So work hard to fight a lot to earn a lot of gold.

Strategic Battle

Man or Vampire Mod Apk
Man or Vampire Mod Apk

You can create a more strategic match by using the terrain in turn-based arrayed battles. Matches are played on a turn-by-side basis, and the elements of the match will vary depending on the ranking and terrain of the side you’ve configured.

You need to make sure that your squad is strong enough to fight with the full range of ranged, gladiator, assassin, and support roles. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange the hero positions in the most reasonable way to create an invincible position.

Man or Vampire contains various randomly generated dungeons. Exploring the map is crucial to getting out of the dungeon. Watch out for the lord of hell, who always appears out of nowhere and presents you with various threats. You’ve got plenty of supplies and equipment to help you get out of the dungeon.

How to play

Man or Vampire Mod Apk
Man or Vampire Mod Apk

Man or Vampire is equipped with an auto-hit mechanism to help players feel comfortable without having to press continuously. But I recommend that you do everything yourself to feel the good points of the game. But just to beat yourself like that, I feel like you are watching other people play.

However, the control in Man or Vampire really makes me not very interested when moving the character. Instead of using virtual buttons on the screen to move, in this game you have to click on the screen where you need to move the character to. This is quite inconvenient and affects quite a lot during game play, especially for mobile devices with small screens.

Features of Man or Vampire

Recruit colleagues with diverse personalities

Recruit colleagues who will join you on the adventure. There are many careers that allow the distinctive personalities of colleagues to emerge. You can train your colleagues to be even stronger through various contents including melee or ranged, monster element, faction analysis and more.

Special protagonist development

Develop your own special protagonist. The main character is a single creature in the game that is both a vampire and a human. You are free to change factions whenever you want, and can also learn advanced skills from your colleagues. You can enjoy the game in different ways depending on how you adjust your main character.

Download Man or Vampire Mod Apk

Man or Vampire Mod Apk

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