Lucky Patcher v8.6.3 – Application support Android MOD

Those who have been using the android mod games, will know Lucky Patcher APK. This is the application used to hack android games. It makes it possible for users to make many incredible creations. For example, you can delete ads in apps. You can also change the permissions of the app, delete the application system or buy in-app items for free.

I don’t really encourage people to use Lucky Patcher. But in some cases, when playing the standard game makes you inhibited because you play forever without going over the screen. Of course, then you need, and need to unlock. Or you have to buy money, but I believe not many people like to do it too many times. That’s when you need a game hacking app like Lucky Patcher.

Normally, we won’t need this app. But imagine you’ve just downloaded a great game. But it is limited by what needs to be unlocked. To unlock them, you must pay for them. I support buying items in the Store, but few! Myself also not thick bullets to buy continuously. That’s when you have to download the game hacking app, Lucky Patcher.

Basic information about Lucky Patcher APK

App Name Lucky Patcher
Publisher ChelpuS
Category Tools MOD
MOD Features Hack game
Size 8MB
Supports Android Almost every Android version

The main feature of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher application can do a lot of work. It is also regularly updated. That makes it possible to support most Android phones and many different games and applications.

Remove ads

Most Android games or applications include Google ads (Admob). These ads will pop up when you are playing. And that of course makes you uncomfortable. This app will remove this.

Lucky Patcher v8.6.3 – Application support Android MOD

Easy MOD the game

You can MOD / Crack / hack many games in a simple way with Lucky Patcher. You will own almost unlimited gold, gems in the game. Note that this feature often requires Root permissions. There is a list of custom patches, and updated daily. You can refer to the games that can apply Custom Patch on Lucky Patcher’s homepage.

Buy free In-app items

You do not even need to spend money to buy in-game items. Just have Lucky Patcher and you can have all items in the game. Of course, it only takes a little effort, just to update the money constantly only.

Bypass license verification with Lucky Patcher

Not all apps on the Google Play Store are free. There are many applications that cost money to buy. These paid applications have a protection mechanism called License Verification. Therefore you will not be able to run them even with the APK file. Bypass license verification is how you can run paid applications easily. Even if you haven’t bought them yet.

Free purchase of paid applications

By skipping the payment step on Google Play, you can buy paid apps for free. Interesting is not it?

Delete application permissions

Some apps or games have suspicious permissions. For example, is it an offline game but requires an Internet connection? Please remove any unwanted permissions from your application.

Create application clone

Lucky Patcher supports cloning applications on your phone battle.

The switches in Lucky Patcher

Switches are part of this app. It includes other utility features that do not belong to the main features. Basically, Switches will help you automate tasks related to application management, including:

  • Automatically move apps to a memory card
  • Automatically move apps to device memory
  • Automatically update system applications
  • Automatically backup APKs for installed, or updated applications
  • Google License Verification Emulation
  • Google Billing Emulation


Simple, safe, easy to use, this is an almost indispensable application for Android devices. I usually play games on Google Play. This application has helped MOD game a lot of games. Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool. This is without question.

In addition to the features I just mentioned above, this application has a lot of other useful features. It helps you manage and play with apps on your Android phone. You can download the application to your phone via the link below this article. Wish you have moments of fun gaming.

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