Lifting Hero

Download Lifting Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever thought that you can lift everything in the world? If not, let’s try Lifting Hero right away! Because Lifting Hero Mod Apk is a casual, fun game with exciting and addictive gameplay from the developer Rollic Games.

Surely when playing this game, you will have moments of relaxation and entertainment. Download now Lifting Hero MOD APK to get unlimited money to upgrade more items in this game

Summary about Lifting Hero

NameLifting Hero
PublisherRollic Games
Size124 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero Mod Apk
Lifting Hero Mod Apk

Lifting Hero Hack – casual game with cute cartoon graphics with various challenges and huge rewards. In the game, you play as a guy with a small body with the goal of becoming the strongest man in the world. However, the journey will not be as simple as you think.

This game will simulate a development process of the main character guy, giving you many ideas on how to practice various exercises. Initially, you will start with small weights and gradually increase the weight in response to the current muscle situation. Of course, the stronger you get, the more weight you can lift.

Lifting Hero Mod Apk provides players with many levels and each level has different challenges that require players to have creativity and perseverance. After completing the tasks in each level, the player will receive the reward. The reward in Lifting Hero will be the in-game currency.

Gameplay in Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero Mod Apk
Lifting Hero Mod Apk

The game context takes place in an empty part of the city, where you will train your muscles continuously without stopping. Lifting Hero APK takes place in a gradual progression mechanism. You can’t become the most muscular man in the world in one shot, it takes time to practice.

You will start with the smallest weight to get used to and work your way up. This helps you not to be overwhelmed, bored leading to quitting the game quickly. Instead, every time you play the game, you have the motivation and joy to continue to make your character stronger.

For example, at first, when you don’t have much money, you can only buy your character a small tree branch. A lot of exercise will help his muscles to grow, but because of the light weight training equipment, the muscle growth is very slow. When you reach a certain muscle threshold, you can click on the “Sell” box, which means use your muscles in exchange for money.

Immediately the corresponding amount will be transferred to your account. Then, use that money to buy new, larger exercise equipment like a chair or a cart. The training items in the game are very diverse, not a dumbbell that we still use to practice every day.

Become the most muscular man in the world

Lifting Hero Hack
Lifting Hero Hack

The variety of items for muscle training is the unique point that this game brings. Each time you complete a level, the weight of the item you lift will become heavier and heavier than the previous level. The bigger the item, the faster your muscles will grow and that means the body will get bigger and bigger.

The character’s height, weight and muscles are limitless. That means your character can be as big as any size. Even beyond the scope of the Earth, the universe. However, to train such muscles, you have to constantly click on the screen. The more you click, the greater the weight.

Therefore, you have to manipulate how to click as quickly as possible. Completing missions before time runs out will earn more rewards. You will also see a multiplier on the screen, which will help you increase your score faster. The faster you click, the higher the multiplier you get. This is a great way to score some quick points and earn more rewards.

How to play Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero Apk
Lifting Hero Mod Apk

Lifting Hero MOD provides many simple challenges with many attractive rewards. The control of the game is also quite simple because your job is just to touch the screen and hold to lift weights. The progress bar that appears on the screen will show the amount of money you earn for completing the task.

You will raise different items in each level, and the difficulty will keep increasing as you progress. The good thing is that the game is really rewarding and entertaining, so you will always feel motivated to keep playing. Are you ready to become a giant by lifting weights? Try your hand at Lifting Hero.

What’s even better is that your character will constantly bounce off the ground as he builds muscle. Before you realize it, you’ll be seeing the cityscape from a top-down perspective. There are also other challenges that you can complete to earn extra rewards. These include lifting weights for a certain amount of time or completing a set number of reps.

After a hard weight training workout, you can exchange your muscles for a corresponding amount. The money earned will be used to buy new materials, new equipment and character upgrades. Character upgrades include: upgrading strength, stamina and speed. This will help the character to be able to lift higher weights.

Features in the game

Infinite Weight: With Lifting Hero Mod Apk, you can increase your weight infinitely, even being taller than the Earth. You will start with a tree branch, and eventually move on to things that are too heavy for a normal person to lift. However, it doesn’t matter to you.

Muscle Development: This game highlights the difference between your muscles at the start and after a while. You will see a change in physique when continuously lifting weights. This gives the game a sense of progress, always fueling player excitement.

Auto-click feature: After a playthrough, you will unlock the auto-click feature. This allows your character to automatically practice even when you are not in the game.

Cute cartoon graphics: The game has cute cartoon graphics that will keep you hooked on every detail in the game. Attractive colors and cartoonish characters. The weights are also well designed, and you can see various special designs.

Download Lifting Hero Mod Apk

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