Download Kingdom Guard Mod Apk v1.0.238 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Kingdom Guard Mod Apk – an attractive defense-style strategy game from the publisher tap4fun. You find a legendary dragon egg left. Your mission is to protect the dragon egg and save the world. Download Kingdom Guard to your phone and experience an exciting game today.

Summary about Kingdom Guard

NameKingdom Guard
Size101 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk
Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk – a unique defense game that allows you to defend yourself against countless giants. Titan has invaded the world and the guardian dragons are on the verge of doom. You finally find a legendary dragon egg left.

The Titans drag their dark legions towards you. To save it, you will need to defend and defend it against many giants. You can then deploy multiple towers and troops to protect the egg from countless attackers.

Come on, train your Soldiers, combine different types of Soldiers to protect the Dragon Egg and save the world. You can merge armies to make them stronger and recruit different heroes! There are tons of upgrades these days and lots of skins to unlock.

Protect territory

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk
Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk is one of the newest and most exciting tower defense mobile game right now! The setting of the game takes place in a world ravaged by giants. They destroyed almost every guardian dragon in existence.

Luckily there is one last surviving dragon egg and you have found it. Now your main task is to protect it. There are many enemies that will attack to get the egg but I believe you can protect it.

There are many levels to go through today and you will face different types of enemies! You have to deploy many troops and tower defense towers. In addition, you can recruit many heroes such as magicians, archers, swordsmen, healers and many more.

You can also train your soldiers and merge them to become stronger! You will face many dangerous giants today so it will take a lot of manpower to fight against.

Recruit Heroes

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk
Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

In Kingdom Guard Mod Apk, you can recruit many heroes to help destroy attackers. The collection of heroes you can recruit includes healers, swordsmen, mages, archers, wizards and more!

The game allows you to summon 16 heroes with different appearance and skill characteristics. All heroes can be upgraded to increase their strength in battle, choose the hero that suits your strategy.

Each of these heroes has unique skills and abilities that are suitable for different types of enemies. You need to recruit all heroes today to be able to defend the egg from attackers.

Try to unlock all the heroes and train them to become even stronger. Always in a state of readiness to fight any attack. Face powerful opponents and even boss bosses right away without fear.

Deploy troops and defense towers

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk
Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

You can build defensive towers here, allowing your troops to fight at a safe distance. This way you can strategically position them to counter them easily and defeat them. There are many locations you can unlock today but you must not let a single enemy touch the egg.

The all-new upgrade method eliminates the boring fortress building and military training. On the contrary, Soldiers are absolutely in your control! You can freely use two Soldiers of the same rank and type to upgrade to a more advanced Soldier!

Defenses can be arranged according to the different characteristics of the Soldiers against the enemy. With different defensive formations will always bring you joy and surprise.

How to play Kingdom Guard

Troops can also be fused together to make them even stronger! You can also evolve them into powerful soldiers today. Unlock different map skins today that you can play like sand map, ice map and lava map.

You can also join alliances with other players to defeat others! Enjoy being the king of the region and get attractive rewards.

Take the throne of darkness, resurrect the legendary sacred dragon, let your name be engraved on this cruel continent! Become the great King of this new era!


Kingdom Guard Mod Apk is a line of tower defense games with typical monster wave defense gameplay, your task is to upgrade the units of soldiers, coordinate the units together to create the strongest defensive squad.

The difference of Kingdom Guard compared to other traditional tower gamers is that each screen will last up to a hundred different levels and you need to pass all levels to move to the next land.

Besides, there are many features for players to explore such as upgrading buildings to increase the maximum level limit of soldiers, scouting Dragon’s Cave, academies to increase skills, soldiers, etc. …

Kingdom Guard is like a new breeze blowing into the traditional tower gamers line, with cute graphics, extremely creative gameplay is a game worth experiencing.

Download Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

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