Download Kick Flight Mod Apk 2.11.0 (God Mode, No Skill CD)


Kick Flight Mod Apk – multiplayer action with role-playing elements and fast three-minute battles between teams of four players each. The game is designed in a vertical screen style. Particularly eye-catching with brightly colored manga / anime graphics in a modern, futuristic science and technology setting. With Mod No Skill CD version, you will be able to use your skill continuously to defeat all opponents.

Summary about Kick Flight

Name Kick Flight
Publisher Grenge
Genre Action
Size 45 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature No Skill CD

Information Kick Flight

Kick Flight Mod Apk

Kick Flight Mod Apk

“Kick-Flight” brings you a new mobile experience of free-flying and midair battles. Initially, users will be prompted to choose a hero with unique strengths and weaknesses. After making the selection, the player will go to the location where you will earn more points in three minutes than the enemy unit.

Doing this will by flying, collecting crystals and joining the fight. Intuitive operation, high dynamics of action and stylish graphics are sure to appeal to gamers.

How to play Kick Flight

Three-dimensional aerial action

Kick Flight Mod Apk

Kick Flight Mod Apk

Allowing complete freedom to fly anywhere on the field. Ride the winds of victory in a 3-minute 4 vs 4 real-time battle. Unique acrobatic moves and stimulated floating brings out the sheer joy of flying. Pursue the kind of action only available on your mobile phone, while you bask in the satisfaction of improving your skills as a player.

Flexible combat manipulation

Kick Flight Mod Apk

Kick Flight Mod Apk

Accordingly players will be put into a wide arena surrounded by a layer of protective screen. Initially, you will have to learn how to control the character through detailed instructions and practice.

Actions are pressing, touching, gliding on the touch screen, very suitable for mobile play. Each character will be like a jet mounted on the foot. Of course, you can move on the ground and simply double-clicking on the screen will fly overhead, increase the speed of flight or press left, right, back and forward to evade, … even stand. in space without falling down.

Rules of fighting in the game Kick Flight are also extremely new. You will form a team with 3 other players and face the 4vs4 format. The task of the player is to collect gems, bringing energy to the sphere in his area. At the same time to prevent the enemy from blocking or preventing the enemy from completing the energy of the front axle. Therefore, players in the team must coordinate with each other, devise their own strategies to soon win.

Download Kick Flight Mod Apk

Kick Flight Mod Apk (No Skill CD)

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