Download Jelly Dye MOD APK 1.57 (Unlimited Money)


Jelly Dye Mod Apk – colorful simulation game from publisher Good Job Games allows you to inject dye into the jelly. This is a game of injecting a dye into the jelly. Where you’ll enjoy the perfect spread and torsion curves with easy mechanics and astonishing feel.

Summary about Jelly Dye

Name Jelly Dye
Publisher Good Job Games
Genre Simulation
Graphics 2D
Size 44 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information about Jelly Dye

Jelly Dye Mod Apk

Jelly Dye Mod Apk

Do you like color dyes and jellies? With Jelly Dye Mod Apk, you will have a lot of fun as you color all kinds of different jellies right now. Make them look realistic now and enjoy the new things that Jelly Dye has to offer.

If you are a busy person, you will definitely enjoy playing games on your mobile phone after every day of hard work, right? Jelly Dye Mod Apk is a game that will relax you after a hard working day. This entertaining game from Good Job Games is a simulation game that lets you inject dye into the jelly! This is a perfect fun and relaxing game for you!

Simply put, it’s actually a game where you inject different dyes into different shaped jellies. There are things like flowers, eggplants, trees, Earth and more. Complete all levels and have a great relaxation time! Try to complete all the missions right now.

Entertaining and relaxing game

Jelly Dye Mod Apk

Jelly Dye Mod Apk

Sometimes, we are so busy at work or school that we forget the joy of going home. But most of us only play any game on our phone when we need it to relieve our stress a bit. But sometimes, that is counterproductive especially if the game you’re playing is as intense as an action game, battle royale shooting. So why not try something different for a while? And Modapkgame wants to introduce you to the game Jelly Dye, where you just need to color different things.

It sounds like a child’s play, but it is not. This game is a special simulation game that allows you to inject dye into the jelly. These jellies are shaped into different shapes! It could be pencils, plants, clouds, Earth, ice cream, and more. In each level, you will color things with different shapes. You have to get creative and make the jelly look as realistic as possible.

But the best part of this game is the actual physics of the jellies themselves. The developers have made sure that the jellies are as lifelike as possible, meaning that even if you inject them they will still act like jellies.

Many levels of play

For each level, you must try to color different jellies that are nicely shaped. They are divided into different parts that make up a whole in this game. Besides, there are different colors you can use and the finishing touch is up to you! This is a game that allows you to exploit your creative state to help you relax.

Let’s see if these are injected in different colors! This process is as satisfying as if you were doing it in real life. Here, you will see products by coloring different parts one by one. The finished product will look like the real thing! Enjoy a relaxing game where you don’t need to be too focused and can comfortably spend your time on other things.


What makes this game so interesting is the realistic physics of the jelly. Here, the way jellies bounce and move as you inject dye into them is very practical. Then you will also appreciate how realistic the dye will spread when you inject them into the agar. This is a simple game that will make everyone as relaxing as possible. Try this game now and feel the relaxation!

Download Jelly Dye MOD APK

Jelly Dye Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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