Download Insect Evolution Mod Apk v1.3.5 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Insect Evolution Mod Apk – casual mobile game with simple and unique gameplay from publisher Infinite light years. Here you are a small ant, lost in the desert and looking for a way home. The journey back was long and challenging.

Summary about Insect Evolution

NameInsect Evolution
PublisherInfinite light years
Size44 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Insect Evolution

Insect Evolution Mod Apk
Insect Evolution Mod Apk

Casual genre is a game genre that is loved by many people. Not only because of the simple gameplay, but these game genres also bring moments of fun entertainment. If you are a lover of casual games, then you can find a lot of the best games right now that you can play.

And today I will introduce to you a very hot game that is Insect Evolution. Insect Evolution is a casual mobile game for passing levels; You are a little ant, lost in the desert, and the journey home is far away. You have to pass all the levels to find your family, but it is not easy.

Along the way, you need to eat insects that are smaller than you to grow, but at the same time do not eat, beware of insects that are bigger than you and stronger creatures.


Insect Evolution Mod Apk
Insect Evolution Mod Apk

In this game you will enjoy a game from Infinite Light Years where you are an ant in the desert. Your mission is to find your way back home, but the desert is full of dangerous animals lurking.

You need to pass all levels today where you can eat smaller insects. You will need to avoid the insects that are higher than you in order not to get out of the game. Here, you can grow as you like by eating other insects.

Sounds pretty simple right? But actually Insect Evolution is not like that. Players will have to go through many difficult challenges on the journey to find their way home. Such as giant scorpions, grasshoppers, scarab beetles, …

Eat insects to evolve

With Insect Evolution, you will have a great time playing as an ant that has lost its way and is finding its way back home. You will start the game as a small ant level 1.

You will need to eat many other insects to grow and level up today. There are many levels available here, and you have to eat others to grow.

Eating more and more insects will evolve into different insects like spiders, beetles, praying mantises, scorpions and many more. But remember not to eat insects higher than you because they will eat you at any time.

Insect Evolution will test your evasion and eating skills as you grow up at the top of the food chain. Here you will meet many of today’s insects and you can enjoy the smooth animations.

Features in Insect Evolution

In Insect Evolution you will be able to play in multiple levels now. There are lots of fun levels to play here and each level allows you to play in different locations and have lots of insects to eat.

You can eat insects to level up. You will need to eat insects if you want to go home today. You will start as a tiny ant at level 1, and you will be able to level up as you slowly eat more insects. Here, you will encounter many species of insects such as beetles, spiders, grasshoppers, and many more!

The graphics of Insect Evolution are designed to be the most realistic that you can enjoy right now. There are so many lovely things that you can enjoy and have fun here.

Download Insect Evolution Mod Apk

Insect Evolution Mod Apk

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