Download Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk v1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)


Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk – an engaging strategy game with an ancient world theme and mortal battles between humans and machines. This is a game released by the developer YOUZO on both Android and iOS platforms. Since its release Infinity Kingdom has received over 2 million downloads on Google Play.

Summary about Infinity Kingdom

NameInfinity Kingdom
Size82 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk
Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk

Three years ago, the demons broke through the northern defenses, sending their mechanized army into endless war. Thousands of cities have collapsed and the fate of humanity is being thrown off balance. Now, the immortal is summoning all heroes to stand up against the evil army. In addition to you, there are still many heroes who are also ready to lead their army to participate in this battle.

Infinity Kingdom is an MMO strategy game with cartoon-style character creation. Infinity Kingdom will take players to a vast fantasy world with non-stop battles. You will conquer the world of Infinity, becoming a resourceful warlord defending the land of Norheim against demons while defending yourself from other invading players!

Endless life and death battles

Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk
Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk

The wars in Infinity Kingdom are all life-and-death battles with no end. Your task is to lead your army, gather the most powerful spirits to fight the army of machines. In the process of building and fighting, you will have the opportunity to expand your territory, occupying more lands.

You can also explore many places in the Infinity Kingdom and get rewarded for fighting enemies. You can then invite your friends to join the game and join the fight with you. Create alliances today and dominate the battlefield!

7 types of dragon elements reside in a mysterious dragon’s den, and only the bravest warriors can awaken them. Are you excited to get an epic dragon egg, hatch it and watch the chicks grow up?

Raise them well and they will turn into fierce warriors. Designate your dragon with elemental Immortals, and elemental unit-exclusive Buffs will be activated for you during battles!

Hero Summon

Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk
Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk

In difficult times like these, you desperately need the help of your allies. There are more than 70 powerful immortals from different civilizations ready to assist you at any time. You are authorized by the supreme council to summon the Immortals in the Hall of Immortals through the Philosopher’s Stone.

Here you can collect more than 70 heroes, including famous ones like Merlin, Robin Hood, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and many more! Enjoy your time building your own kingdom today as you summon countless heroes, team up with friends online, and fight endless battles.

This is a strategy game where you can upgrade your skills and keep increasing in power. You can also then unlock your own dragon that you can use to aid you in battles.

Build an army

Your territory is in dire state constantly being harassed by enemy forces. Gnomes are ravaging cities like an epidemic of locusts, and the inhabitants are in dire need of your help! Alchemists are ready to help them restore the City, so that the people can come to take refuge.

Become the ruler of a kingdom today and try to create your own. Here you can upgrade and unlock different things like their abode, barracks and castle itself. You can also play against other real players and create alliances! Raid different locations and get crazy rewards for completing them.

Infinity Kingdom will make many decisions that players have to choose from. It could be attacking and plundering the resources of other kingdoms to develop or choosing a peaceful method rather than becoming their allies to develop the kingdom together.

Download Infinity Kingdom Mod Apk

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Infinity Kingdom Apk

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