Download Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk v1.2.8 (Unlimited Money)


Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk – simulation game with simple, idle gameplay from the developer Bling Bling Games GmbH. The opportunity to become a production tycoon is waiting for you. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading Idle Trading Empire to your phone right now!

Summary about Idle Trading Empire

NameIdle Trading Empire
PublisherBling Bling Games GmbH
Size82 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Idle Trading Empire

Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk
Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk

Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk is a good idle tycoon game that can also be incremental game with click elements and exploratory world map. You can play online or offline, play actively and leave the game idle for income whenever you start the game.

Click your way through challenges, collect achievements and upgrade all your business premises that can make you the richest business tycoon in this idle clicker simulation game .

Join the town of Idle Trading Empire and enjoy an idle life. Here, your life only revolves around making money by building export processing zones, trading stations, etc. You will also have the opportunity to go everywhere, explore many new islands and adventure around the world. At the same time seize the opportunity to expand the operating area.

Building towns

Welcome to Idle Trading Empire! Enter the Kingdom and become a manufacturing tycoon by establishing medieval settlements and production sites, managing, optimizing and upgrading your production and sales, traveling to lands new and discover new production techniques and goods.

Before embarking on trading strategies in Idle Trading Empire, you must build your own settlements for you, your employees and your clients. This is a town where everyone lives and works.

To have a successful business, the number of goods sold must have buyers, so this is a smart strategy that you can refer to on your way to becoming a tycoon. This settlement is built in a very eye-catching and nostalgic medieval style.

Building transaction area

Sell goods at certain trading points in town. However, being limited to a certain area will limit the amount of money collected. So this should only be the first step when profits are low. Later, when the financial potential is stable, you can open your own store and sell goods there.

In other words, even by creating sales automation systems, you will reduce the number of employees investing in innovative resources. Everything you do at Idle Trading Empire not only helps you become rich, become a tycoon, but also can reveal the mystery of the medieval merchant empire.

Commodity production

Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk
Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk

Build outposts to produce, upgrade and sell at your town’s trading post, and uncover an entire medieval merchant empire. Manage your supply chain from start to finish to create the ideal hanseatic trade alliance.

Build outposts, small production points, to industrial zones. At the same time, Idle Trading Empire allows you to optimize the production process with modern techniques and machines purchased from the warehouse. That will help you improve product quality significantly; In the long run, you will reap huge profits.

With the development of technology, you need to stay ahead of the market by posting product introductions and advertising on virtual social networking sites. Your goods will be connected around the world.

Customers from all over the world will know and order. The source of foreign customers is very potential, so you should invest your brains to be able to write many attractive advertisements.

Explore the world and search for new islands

Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk
Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk

To fulfill his dream of becoming the richest tycoon in this town. First you need to build as many businesses as possible at all costs. Once there is a growing area here, ambition pushes you to explore more places in the world.

The deserted islands are the top target for you. Because these will be the places that contain huge resources of nature. Even in those places no one has come to explore so there will be few competitors.

After producing goods on an island in the middle of the vast ocean. The important thing you need to think about is how to move goods to the mainland for exchange and sale. To do that, you need to own a new transportation system by sea and by air.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, invest gold dollars, mobilize forces, hire more workers to build quickly. And become a commodity tycoon in the world of Idle Trading Empire.

Download Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk

Idle Trading Empire Mod Apk

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