Download Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk (Hack Unlimited Money)


Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval – is a construction simulator of the medieval city. Where players can build their own city and have a chance to scale even bigger. Are you ready to become a great construction tycoon and own a huge city of your own. Idle Medieval Town is released by FancyGames Studio.

Summary about Idle Medieval Town

Name Idle Medieval Town
Publisher FancyGames Studio
Genre Simulation
Size 43 MB
Get it on Android 5.0 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Information Idle Medieval Town

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval is a construction simulator of the medieval city. where player will be able to build your own town and get a chance of expanding to the size of the Empire. In the process the user will develop the industry and manufacturing of various items, including weapons, which you can later sell and get a profit. In addition, it is also necessary to take care of a reliable defense of the settlement, because the neighboring States will want sooner or later to win attractive land.

Build a medieval town

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Build a medieval town, develop your own kingdom, and become the lord of this open area. You can build buildings on multiple plots to get gold coins and collect cash from the village. Build weapon stores, mining sites, hotels, etc! It can provide you with a wealth of profit. Offline will continue to run. This is your medieval industry tycoon. Unlock new stores to increase your cash income! Try to be a great master. Handle technology and upgrade your kingdom and free area. This is one of the most addictive simulation idle games. Develop your own civilization.

Idle Medieval Town Guide

Unlock more buildings

The only way that you can unlock more buildings is if you start collecting money. That can be done quite easily, by patiently collecting all the Gold from all of the buildings there. You can unlock more buildings by heading on to the Town Hall building, which has listed there all of the buildings that you can construct. Some of the buildings can be unlocked once you have gathered enough Gold, but for others you will have to advance to the next town, which will give you access to all of the old buildings, as well as unlock the new one.

Upgrade the buildings

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

All of the buildings in game will have various types of upgrades. The upgrades will help you serve more customers faster, and allow for a better service, which in return will bring you more money. You should always upgrade the buildings in a way that will make it easier for you to make more money, while not losing customers.

Upgrade the Profit

The very first option is the Profit upgrades, which will let you upgrade the building’s profit, as well as change the building’s looks, whenever you reach the milestone levels. These levels will give you also a multiplier to the Gold income, so it’s better for the profit. The best would you can do is to upgrade the better buildings first. the ones which give you the most profit.

Boost Production Speed

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

The Production Speed is just as important, because if you have a high production speed, you will be able to manufacture faster, which results in making gold faster! This is an option which will reduce the number of unhappy customers (the customers who have the red angry face) because usually that happens due to very long waiting time.

Hire more Staff

Each building has a set number of staff members. You will be able to hire more, once you have gathered enough Gold for it. You try and unlock the second staff member ASAP because it will speed things up a notch. Also, make sure that you upgrade those staff


  • Easy to play game for every player
  • Numerous challenges at every level
  • Funny animations and great 3D graphics
  • The real 3D perspective
  • Manage your own medieval city and get more money
  • Your city continues to run even if you are offline from the game

Download Idle Medieval Town Mod Apk

Idle Medieval Town (Hack Unlimited Money)

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