Idle Island Build and Survive Mod Apk [app_version] (Unlimited Money)


Idle Island: Build and Survive Mod Apk – interesting simulation game with 3D graphics and released by BHome. In it, players will participate in the adventure with animals. Build a bustling village of animals and earn money from idle, simple jobs.

Summary about Idle Island Build and Survive

Name Idle Island Build and Survive
Publisher BHome
Genre Simulation
Version [app_version]
Size 98 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information Idle Island Build and Survive

Idle Island Build and Survive

Idle Island Build and Survive Mod Apk

Idle Island: Build and Survive is an arcade simulator with 3D graphics in which the player will build the camp on the island and to settle there different beasts. He would first have to build the first residential house where they can stay animals.

Next, the user should direct animal-job to find useful resources such as stone, wood, etc. Gradually, the camp will grow at the expense of new construction, so gamers will explore new areas to continue the development of the settlement. He will also be able to improve the skills of animals, combining them into a more advanced species.


Idle Island Build and Survive

Idle Island Build and Survive

Idle style games have never made us bored. And so is Idle Island: Build and Survive. In Idle Island, you will be controlling a multitude of cute animals on adventures on beautiful dreamy islands. This place is very special and even humans have not discovered. Let your friends also build small villages and live together happily.

Idle Island: Build and Survive has a very simple gameplay like most other idle games. The game is a combination of gameplay of fusion and building monetization. In this game, you will have to merge the animals in the forest so that they build a village together to live together.

The animals will have the task of exploiting resources in the forest such as cutting trees, exploiting rocks. But that’s not all, there is a lot for you to do in this game. In a game screen there are dozens of missions for players to complete. From digging holes to building swimming pools, building houses on trees from wooden boards …

Guide play

Merge the animals

Idle Island Build and Survive

Idle Island Build and Survive

To converge many animals in the forest, players need to merge the animals together. For example: merging chicks together will turn into a turtle, two tortoises will receive a rabbit and then a bear. Just like that, you will summon many different animals and together build this beautiful forest that few people know.

The animals will be responsible for exploiting resources for our protagonist boy to build unique structures in the forest such as a lake, bridge, or a small village. You can also dedicate a large piece of land to grow vegetables and collect idle money from this work.

Explore amazing island

There are many places where people have never set foot. Nor would they be able to know its beauty. There exist lovely animals such as chickens, turtles, rabbits, mice, foxes, crocodiles … Together, they built a village with dozens of different designs. Following the animals, you will discover beautiful and romantic islands. You will hear birds singing every day, enjoy the beauty of the forest and breathe the fresh air.

Build a unique village

In Idle Island: Build and Survive, there are many things for you to complete such as building a beautiful village with surrounding walls, a beautiful swimming pool, you can also build boats to fish whenever you see the game life is boring. After completing all the assigned missions on a piece of land, you can explore new lands and continue the construction work.

Download Idle Island Build and Survive Mod Apk

Idle Island Build and Survive Mod Apk

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