Ice Man 3D Mod Apk 1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Ice Man 3D Mod Apk – casual first-person arcade game where you will experience the feeling of becoming a superhero. You are ice man. With your amazing power over the elements, you have everything you need to keep the bad guys cold.

Summary about Ice Man 3D

Name Ice Man 3D
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Arcade
Graphics 2D
Size 55 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information about Ice Man 3D

Ice Man 3D Mod Apk

Ice Man 3D Mod Apk

Ice Man 3D is a casual game with interesting gameplay. In the game, players will play the role of a superhero with the ability to freeze enemies. Countless enemies will rush towards you to defeat you. So you need to freeze them with the weapon in your hand before they get closer to you.

The game will have a lot of levels to challenge your strength and after completing each level, you will get a lot of corresponding rewards. With the money earned, players can use to unlock skins. However, the money to buy the skin will be a lot, so you can download the Ice Man 3D Mod Apk version to have unlimited money and enjoy shopping.

Become the frozen superhero, and protect the city from the thugs who threaten it. Freeze your enemies with your icy superpowers, and shoot them with your bare hands in satisfying shreds! You don’t need a weapon to show them who the boss is.


Ice Man 3D Mod Apk

Ice Man 3D Mod Apk

Ice Man 3D Mod has a fast pace but the gameplay is very simple. You have a pair of hands with red and blue gloves. The right hand wearing the green glove is responsible for freezing opponents and ending them with bullets coming from the other hand. With Ice Man 3D you have to manually adjust your viewfinder.

The task of freezing enemies seems easier when you have an ample amount of ice and a greater range. But it has the downside that the move is quite slow, having difficulty in screens with large enemies. On the side of that cjanh, the bullets flying out of the left hand are faster and stronger, one shot can finish the enemy.

But sometimes you will be difficult to control in screens with many enemies. Try to turn them into ice cubes as quickly as possible by aiming a beam of ice at them. And when they all freeze, shoot the fireballs at the ice to smash them into pieces. Saying that to see that, although Ice Man 3D Game is a game with easy-to-understand gameplay, easy to get used to, it is not easy to master it.

Become a super hero 

You will not help admiring superheroes in movies or shows, for their bravery and strength, right? These individuals have been endowed with extraordinary strength and courage by which they will try to stop all enemies. In Ice Man 3D Mod Apk, you will become the hero of the game trying to use your powers for the benefit of humanity. Here, you will face off against a lot of bad guys from minions to bosses! Show your powers and send them away using your strength.

You will receive infinite powers such as fire and ice. First, you use your ice power to freeze your opponent to death. Then you’ll blow them up using your fire powers! This is a combination that you will use throughout the game. Face powerful enemies but don’t let them get near you!

In this game you can unlock other temporary powers like Blizzard, Frozen Hand, Frost Nova and more. These are powerful skills that you can use once in a level!

How to play

Unlock weapons: lots of new gloves, eye-catching colors, new designs for you to unlock and enjoy. Unlock ice and fire: Ice Man 3D Mod Apk has several types of ice and fire that you can choose from such as fireworks, pyramids, … along with their beautiful effects.

In Ice Man 3D Apk, players will mainly be fighting on a high-rise building, surrounded by a modern city. But sometimes, you will also be moved to many different spaces such as beaches, deserts, snowy mountains, … Unlock tons of new superpowers and prove your might to anyone stupid enough to challenge you!

All the power you need is right in your hands but you’ll need to think quickly and use the best strategy to shoot, freeze, and destroy your enemies before they can reach you! Become a subzero ice master and make sure no one can get over your freezing feeling!

Download Ice Man 3D Mod Apk

Ice Man 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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