Download Hunt Royale Mod APK v1.1.5 (Unlimited Money)


Hunt Royale Mod Apk is an online multiplayer action game released by BoomBit Games. The game features cube graphics and turns the player into a monster hunter. In Hunt Royale, you must participate in battles that take place in a one-vs-one manner with a variety of characters.

Summary about Hunt Royale

Name Hunt Royale
Publisher BoomBit Games
Genre Action
Graphics 3D
Size 120 MB
Request Android 4.4 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Introduce about Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Hunt Royale Mod Apk – action game with cubic graphics, offering the player to become a monster hunter. Selecting an available character, the user will go to the location where it will be attacking various monstrous creatures. For their destruction, gamers must use the capabilities and features of the character.

Earning from battles, gold coins, the player can also compete with other real participants. After a certain number of battles here you can access the chests with rewards and new characters with a good showing itself in the melee and at range.

The hunts are full of danger

In Hunt Royale, you will enter a mysterious world. It is a dark and dangerous world. Along with that is the appearance of ferocious monsters. During the quest as a hunter, you will find and destroy them with the special weapons the game offers. Accompanying you in the midst of those dangers are your teammates side by side.

Hunt Royale has four available game modes including Classic, Co-op, Boss Hunt and Bounty Hunter. Given the dangerous nature of a hunt, teammates play a supporting role at the same time, while competing against each other on the rankings.

Depending on the different game modes, the goals will change. The game will end when one of the party completes the assigned mission and new levels will be opened. Of course, you can customize your character after the match to match the battle you’re about to join.

Multiplayer online action game

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

In Hunt Royale Boombit, you have to take part in the battles taking place in a format one against all, with a wide range of characters, each with unique skills will allow you to pick the best tactical model, which is not unimportant because every battle will take place in an intricate location with many corridors, rooms, platforms, etc.

And the developers decided to play in classics, so you will get the same Royale mode. It is worth noting and bright graphics in Hunt Royale mod apk, which will give the gameplay even more interest. The hunt is on! You are one of 4 warriors entering the hunting field and surviving the battle against dreadful, unique and mysterious enemies in this new type of mortal game.

Hunt Royale Best Hero includes: 30 generals to unlock and level up, many unique enemies to fight, powerful skills to use and master. There are many special events and surprises appearing every week for players to participate.

When participating in the event, players will receive many valuable rewards. Graphics are designed in the form of a funny three-dimensional block. Many game modes coordinate with many types of play so that players do not get bored.

Diverse game modes

As mentioned above, Hunt Royale has four separate game modes and the objective in each mode is different.

In classic mode, the battle will take place for a limited amount of time and you have to participate in the monster hunt during that time. When the battle time is over or there is only one survivor remaining, the battle will end. The score and experience that the player wins is based on the number of monsters that the player defeats. The stronger the monster, the more points and experience it will bring. However, you should consider before fighting them because if you are defeated by the monster you will end the game.

In Co-op mode, player will be joined with another player. It could be your friend or another player. The two will fight together to fight the oncoming wave of monsters and keep the king safe. Set up a reasonable combat strategy to minimize damage as much as possible.

With boss hunting mode (Boss Hunt), you will be side by side with 3 other players to fight together to defeat the boss boss and complete the hunt. Boss boss possesses enormous strength and unusual fighting skills. So you should not play 1-1, but combine with others, and try to move quickly to avoid attacks.

Finally, the bounty hunting mode (Bounty Hunter) with interesting things waiting for you to discover. Here you will fight with 9 other players to compete for the number one position. This is the most competitive mode, as it follows the rules of the familiar battle royale genre. Try to survive to the end and show your ability to fight, to move

How to play

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Unlock and learn how to play 30 unique heroes with your own skills and abilities. Mastering all 30 generals will help you fight and win easier. Upgrades during gameplay, making champions stronger and ready for upcoming matches. Try multiple ways to build a champion by unlocking different skills each time!

That will help increase the fighting power of the champions by many times. The trick is not only to survive – you have to destroy more enemies than other players. Only careful consideration of how to play champions and lots of new skills will help you win.

The possibilities are endless! Choose between melee combat, gunshot, magic, muscle, good, bad, and more! Find your favorite character and step into the ultimate battle scenes that appear frequently during unexpected events.

Download Hunt Royale Mod Apk

Hunt Royale Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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