Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk v1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Do you want to be the boss of a small restaurant in the corner of Tokyo in the 1970s. Download now Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD Apk to start managing this small restaurant and enjoy a happy life. happy to work, chat with my friends every day.

Summary about Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

NameHungry Hearts Diner Neo
PublisherGAGEX Co
Size126 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk
Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk is an interesting and lovely restaurant management simulation game from the publisher GAGEX Co. This is a game designed with inspiration based on the hit Japanese TV series in the 1970s.

In Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD, players will become the owner of a small restaurant on the outskirts of the splendid, noisy Tokyo city. Because the location is on the outskirts of the city, it is very quiet and fun without the hustle and bustle.

In the game, you will meet a lot of friends, both new and old. Everyone will eat and drink together and create interesting stories together to help the atmosphere in the restaurant always be happy. Of course, your main job is still the business and development of this small restaurant.

Each guest when coming here will order the dishes on the menu of the restaurant and you must always be in a state of preparing dishes to serve customers. After eating, the guests will pay for the food they ate and can then sit back and chat a bit with you.

Interesting plot, cute

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk
Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

The setting of Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Hack takes place in an old Japanese diner on a side street in a small unnamed neighborhood. Everything here is so quiet you could tell it’s old fashioned. But of course, this is Showa-era Japan and television is just starting to take off.

The plot of Hungry Hearts Diner Neo tells about the life of an elderly retired couple who is also the character’s grandfather and grandmother. Their lives are very peaceful and happy, but until one day, their grandfather fell ill and needed a lot of money to treat his illness.

At this time, due to no more labor, her grandmother decided to open a small restaurant to sell traditional Japanese dishes. Due to the lack of funds, her grandmother only opened a small restaurant in a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Tokyo.

But in return, it is very quiet here and there are kind neighbors who always help them. There, grandma will be the chef who cooks delicious food for everyone and you will be the kitchen assistant to help with the cooking and serving.

The guests are friendly and kind

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk
Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

Although the location of the restaurant is only in a small street with no name, there are many lovely, friendly and kind guests here. They always come to eat at the restaurant every day and chat with everyone else to create a happy atmosphere.

These guests will then recommend your restaurant to friends and relatives for them to enjoy. Of course, the restaurant’s food must be delicious to attract so many guests. This also helps the restaurant’s business grow more and the grandmother has more money to treat grandfather’s illness.

You will start the game with a small diner, customers will come, sit down at the table and order different dishes. At that time, you will have to cook the dishes according to their requirements. At first, when the new restaurant is opened, the number of dishes that can be cooked will be very few, gradually, more delicious dishes will be unlocked.

Most of the dishes in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo are familiar Japanese dishes such as: nori, raw eggs, noodles, ham cutlets… In addition, after serving food to guests, you can You can sit back and talk to them happily.

Upgrade and decorate your restaurant

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk
Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

After the customers have finished their meal, they will have to pay you an amount of each dish according to the predetermined price. You can use this money to buy some new decorations to make the restaurant more beautiful and cozy.

The decoration of the space also helps customers feel more comfortable and will come to the shop more often. This also means that you have to meet their dietary needs. Of course, they won’t be able to eat the same food all the time. So you have to cook many different delicious dishes to make your customers completely satisfied.

The purchase of new furniture is also important for customers to visit the shop more often. In addition to new furniture, you also need to improve the equipment in the kitchen because after a period of use, everything will be degraded and damaged, which can affect the quality of the food.

In addition, the more famous the restaurant is, the more customers will visit. That means you have to expand the area of ​​​​the restaurant. In general, the expansion, upgrading and decoration of the restaurant in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is very interesting and attractive.

Features of Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk
Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo MOD APK will delight you with a thrilling and fascinating story about the life of an old woman who runs a small diner. The game has colorful graphics and fun music accompaniment. In addition, the characters in the game are also designed very lovely and cute.

The MOD version of Hungry Hearts Diner Neo APK will give you unlimited money and unlimited energy for you to freely upgrade, shop to decorate your diner. In addition, this MOD APK version also removes ads for players to experience the game better.

Do you like casual, idle games? Do you like games where you run a store? Are you looking for a good, relaxing story? If you answered “Yes” then maybe this game is for you. It’s free, so you won’t lose a dime!

Download Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Mod Apk

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