Download Heroes Inc MOD APK v1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)


Heroes Inc Mod Apk – video game with interesting gameplay and minimalistic graphics by publisher Lion Studios. In Heroes Inc! Players will personally create the greatest superheroes in history. Create new super powers and build your hero alliance to face off against the onslaught of evil robots.

Summary about Heroes Inc

Name Heroes Inc
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Arcade
Graphics 2D
Size 77 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information Heroes Inc

Heroes Inc Mod Apk

Heroes Inc Mod Apk

Who wouldn’t love real-life and big-screen heroes? We always see them kick the bad guys out and they save the world every day. Even though they are not paid for it, they still win the hearts of many people! We all have a childish dream of being a superhero saving the world! With Heroes Inc, you can fulfill that dream by fusing objects together to create the ultimate hero.

Enjoy this game from Lion Studios right now and create your unique superhero by combining different elements. In the story of Heroes Inc Mod Apk, the planet is attacked by an army of space robots, and the user is tasked with dealing with them.


Heroes Inc Mod Apk

Heroes Inc Mod Apk

An army of alien robots has attacked earth, the people need your help! The invaders are numerous, they demolish buildings with their mighty fighting mechs and wield an vast arsenal of laser weapons. Unleashed on the world, humanity stands no chance against this evil… can you save them from this doom?

Build your laboratory, experiment and create new powers! unlock advanced technology and develop new abilities to use in the war against evil. There are hundreds of powers to discover, will you collect them all? Even the most powerful super hero can be overwhelmed, out maneuvered, and defeated…

Fighting non-stop

You must train your heroes, teach them to use their new powers! Unlock their unique skills and watch them decimate their foes! Here, you will only need to combine 2 things to create a unique hero with special powers. Then you can upgrade them to increase overall stats and fight harder enemies.

To defeat uninvited guests, gamers will equip a lab to create heroes with unique skills. Each character gets beaten and tries them out in battle. Being successful against a cyborg doesn’t always work, so you need to constantly replenish your skills and explore new opportunities.

Create your own super hero

Heroes Inc Mod Apk

Heroes Inc Mod Apk

What if you had the ability to create heroes from laboratories? What kind of superhero do you want to create? Find out now in Heroes Inc. This is a unique game that allows you to combine 2 different elements together to create a unique superhero.

For example, combining a wing and a shirt together will help you get Hawk. This superhero has the ability to fly and shoot powerful projectiles at the enemy. Then, once you combine poisoning with superpowers, you get Noxious, who can poison your enemies and crush them instantly.

First, you can fuse the eyeball as well as a magic gem together to create the hero Optico. This superhero shoots lasers out of his eyes just like Superman. This means he can instantly slash through a multitude of obstacles and enemies like nothing.

Then you can combine an arm and a block of ice together to create the Cooler, creating an ice block as his armor. Defeat enemies today using your unique superheroes and upgrade them. Upgrading them makes them stronger but it takes money to do so. You can also upgrade your headquarters so that you can combine more elements together and form unique heroes!

Hero upgrade

This hero has swords mounted on his arms that he can use to easily slash through enemies like Wolverine! You can then combine horses and legs to get the Fiesta, a hero with lightning speed and powerful kicks! There are many unique heroes that you can unlock today.

In addition to unlocking heroes, you can also upgrade them by receiving hero packs. Each hero is categorized according to their different rarity which determines their overall strength. The rarer the hero, the more damage! Collect more cards and upgrade your hero now to make them stronger.

You can also upgrade your hero headquarters here so that you can get some crazy elements. These elements are elements you can combine to create a single hero. There are many levels where you can upgrade your hero so you can make it more powerful.

Heroes Inc Mod Apk lets you test the strength of your hero through a series of challenges. Fight against enemies and obstacles right now!

Download Heroes Inc MOD APK

Heroes Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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