Download Hero Wars Mod Apk v1.116.406 (Unlimited Mana)


Hero Wars Mod Apk – an attractive role-playing game for Android and iOS devices from the publisher NEXTERS GLOBAL. This is the developer of two very popular games, Island Experiment and Throne Rush. Hero Wars is NEXTERS GLOBAL’s most successful project with over 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Summary about Hero Wars

NameHero Wars
GenreRole Playing
Size145 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Hero Wars

Hero Wars Mod Apk
Hero Wars Mod Apk

You are a lover of role-playing games. You want to transform into a character and experience their world. Hero Wars is the right game for you. Download Hero Wars now to your device to dominate the squad and claim glory.

Although it is a role-playing game, in the process of playing there will be a few tactical elements that require players to use their minds to win. This is a good opportunity for you to practice your tactical and strategic skills.

Hero Wars Mod Apk is a journey to eliminate crime, protect peace and free the land of Dominion from the domination of the evil army. It’s been a tough journey and everyone needs your help. Play as heroes and help them win this war.


Hero Wars Mod Apk
Hero Wars Mod Apk

Hero Wars is set in the land of Dominion being invaded by the dark forces and wants to destroy humanity. The era of hero creation, right now there are people who are ready to stand up and fight to protect the peace of mankind from the hands of demons from the Evil Lands.

All the chaos they have caused to this peaceful land will pay a price. The gameplay of Hero Wars is a combination of role-playing, puzzles and card games. That means you need to recruit the most powerful heroes to assemble a team and fight the evil army.

Add as many heroes to your collection and at the same time unlock their skills and moves after each battle to make them stronger. Once you have assembled a strong squad, you will not have to be afraid of any enemies.

Enemies in the game are also very diverse such as: Bosses, Ultimate Demons or hell monsters. Surely they will make you busy and headache thinking how to win.

Team building

Hero Wars Mod Apk
Hero Wars Mod Apk

To win in Hero Wars, you need to build yourself a strong squad, then participate in fierce battles. Each team to battle consists of 5 different members. Initially, when no heroes have been recruited, the system will grant you default generals to be able to participate in the battle.

The opponents are very weak at first, but later on they will get stronger, requiring you to recruit new members with greater strength. Hero Wars’ character system is quite rich. To recruit them, you need to use resources and summon them through summoning.

You can collect resources in each battle and use it in the most appropriate way. Because resources are one of the most important things in Hero Wars.

The battle between heroes and monsters takes place extremely fierce. Let’s build a strong squad that combines both attack and defense. Arrange the squad in a reasonable way so that you don’t have to be afraid of any opponent.

Hero Collection

Hero Wars Mod Apk
Hero Wars Mod Apk

Hero Wars Mod Apk has a very diverse collection of heroes and is classified according to classes such as archers, melee, magic, etc…. Each hero has special moves and skills. Unlock and upgrade their power to unbelievable.

Experience them in PvP Arena, Guild War and Role-Playing Campaign modes – immortalize your army and win the Great War.

During the battle, upgrade the hero to a higher level to adapt to the new environment. Because the enemy will get stronger over time. Heroes also have to increase their attack power to defeat all the monsters.

The upgrade system allows the upgraded generals to change their appearance and become more mature than before. Specifically, the hairstyle, physique, clothes, weapons, etc. of the character you upgrade will change completely when the conditions are met.

Hero Wars Mod Apk Version

Enter the world of Hero Wars Mod Apk, the game brings dozens of mighty generals and many unique skills to unlock and upgrade. Besides, players will experience countless role-playing campaigns with unique and fiery missions, enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure. As a general card role-playing game, Hero Wars does not require players to have quick controls.

Download Hero Wars Mod Apk

Hero Wars Mod Apk

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