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Summary About Heir of light

Name Heir Of Light
Publisher GAMEVIL
Genre Role – playing
Last Version 4.6.3
Size 91MB
Platform Android 4.1 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
Get it on Android, iOS

Introduce Heir Of Light

Heir Of Light Apk

Heir Of Light Apk

Game Collecting, Fantasy, Dark

Collaboration with John Wick

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When darkness envelops all, the world will be in chaos. The only hope to restore order and regain the sun depends on you. Join an army of crusaders to fight to illuminate the fading hope in this world. Hold your weapons firmly, and enter the battle to regain light for this land!


Become a successor of light

  • Be light in this dark-tinged world. The war will only end when the land is full of sunlight!
  • Expand territory to any land!
  • Wicked people won’t get in your way. Your willpower only heads to the top Boss battles!
Collecting Entourage
  • Gather your own mighty Task Force with over 250 Entourage,
  • Enhance, Develop and Awaken to unlock the hidden potential of heroes.
  • Each Entrepreneur has a different role: Attack, Defense, Support, Healing.
Resource Trouble
  • Use the Entourage with the same Mark! Skill Combo will be activated!
  • Combine Sigils to obtain a unique set effect.
  • Think carefully between skills and resources to own an invincible army.
Proceeding to the Fierce Battle Field
  • Smash enemies in PvP mode full of fighting
  • Protect the towers, because defense is the first step of the attack.
  • Challenge yourself with mysterious dungeons and collect rare rewards.
A Mysterious And Haunting World
  • Not just an ordinary RPG game, where players can immerse themselves in a mysterious magical world.
  • A mysterious world that is extremely cute! The entourage is always with you in the exciting adventure.

Free dowload Heir Of Light Apk

Heir Of Light v4.6.3 Apk

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