Download Hair Challenge Mod Apk v8.2.3 (Unlimited Money)


Hair Challenge Mod Apk is a fun adventure game with super long hair that can change color and is released by Rollic Games. In this game, you will join your long hair in a jog with many different obstacles. This is a super fun long hair challenge game for those who love hair beauty.

Summary about Hair Challenge

Name Hair Challenge
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Adventure
Graphics 2D
Size 99 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Introduce about Hair Challenge

Hair Challenge Mod Apk

Hair Challenge Mod Apk

Hair is an essential part of our body because it shows the many personalities and beauty of each person. We can create a lot of beautiful hairstyles and make our looks instantly prettier! If you like long hair and love challenges, then you should give Hair Challenge a try. See how long you can make your hair to overcome many obstacles and complete the course. In this game, the longer the hair, the more prizes.

This obstacle course is fun in that you can choose different hairstyles for long hair! Here, you will use your strength of long hair as you go through many obstacles and choose hairs of different colors today. Avoid the dangerous spikes and obstacles along the way and enjoy an enjoyable hike today! The longer your hair is, the higher your score will be. Can you beat your high score to get more diamonds and rewards today?

The challenge of making long hair

Hair Challenge Mod Apk

Hair Challenge Mod Apk

You are a hairdresser and long hair lover, there are certainly a lot of people like you. Today, there are many methods to make your hair longer and more beautiful. You can apply aloe vera, various hair care products and just for the hair to grow faster.

With a long haircut, you can do a variety of hairstyles and hair colors and match it with a variety of matching shoes and outfits. That’s why having long hair is a great way to show our personality. Hair Challenge is the main theme in the game allowing you to walk through obstacles filled with sharp blades! You should avoid these dangerous objects as much as possible so that your hair won’t get lost.

But you can also choose different hair types in all courses to add extra length to your hair. These hairs are essential for you to score higher at the end! The longer your hair, the higher the reward you can get. Enjoy different hair colors and hairstyles today in different levels. In addition, you can also collect hair dye, character and hair accessories.

Download Hair Challenge Mod Apk

Hair Challenge Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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