Forces of Freedom MOD APK

Forces of Freedom MOD APK v5.0.0 (MOD Radar, No Recoil)

Summary about Forces of Freedom MOD APK

Forces of Freedom has absolutely no clear plot. This game is just a battle between soldiers, which takes place on a 3D map. It was built exactly like the real battlefield in real life. Each match will be divided into two sides to shoot each other until there is a winner.

The task of you and your teammates must destroy all enemies. At that time, you will win.

War to the death

Unlike other survival shooters, when starting to play Forces of Freedom MOD, your first task is to practice. You will be taken to a mock match to get used to the actions in the game.

Because playing on a mobile platform, the game maker BRAVO COMPANY paid great attention to optimizing the operations to help you easily control your character. In addition to the keys move left, right, shoot like any other game, Forces of Freedom has added controls to help characters can stand up, lie down to avoid bullets or do other technical manipulations.

Forces of Freedom MOD APK

PvP mode

The mode in the game Forces of Freedom APK is the actual time of online players. Each match will consist of 10 players (5 vs 5) divided into two camps. The two sides shoot each other until there is a winner. However, with a small number of players you can choose 3 vs 3 map.

To win this game you must show your shooting skills as well as reasonable tactics. Because on the other side of the battle line are also players who are higher or lower than you. Because of this, the game will be very unpredictable. It brings drama and draws you completely into the most intense battles.

The beauty of Game Forces of Freedom is that each match you will experience a different map. Maybe this stage you are fighting in the city, but the next screen you are fighting in the desert, the ancient arena, the jungle or the rural hills.

To become a good soldier in addition to quick manipulation, you need to know the details of the map. In order to easily capture the most important positions and gain an advantage over the enemy.

Forces of Freedom MOD APK

Weapon system and characters

Like other fighting games, the weapon system in the game Forces of Freedom is full of gun lines. From legendary AK47s, M15s or heavy Shotguns to the most powerful snipers. As a good person, you need to know the types of guns that fit each map.

If you prefer to be independent, choose a sniper rifle to stalk your opponents. If you like to describe the conflict that surrounds enemies, choose for yourself but the powerful Shotgun.

For characters to have the most advanced equipment, you will have to upgrade through daily plowing hoes to upgrade the character. You can choose the characters are soldiers from ancient to present with different looks, skin colors, and gender. They will be your companion throughout the process of conquering your game.

Forces of Freedom is a strategy game, which is reflected in the tasks of each person in the game. For some reason, if a teammate gives up, the chance of losing is very high. This causes the game to build a system of accusing players of low awareness and imposing penalties.

Forces of Freedom MOD APK


Forces of Freedom is designed in 3D and it helps in the game image very vivid and true. The actions and gestures of the soldier are very flexible. Authenticity is most felt when you shoot at the recoil. The sound of gunfire will also surprise you.

However, as a 3D game, if you want to play you must have a relatively high-end phone. At the same time, the transmission line also needs to be stable to avoid lag.


This is an interesting and interesting online game. It does not make you take too much time because each battle takes only a few minutes. This makes Forces of Freedom still the most sought after game.

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Forces of Freedom MOD APK v5.0.0 (MOD Radar, No Recoil)

Forces of Freedom MOD APK